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Bad. People are really bad. - Tablo

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gif tablo epik high smtm4 it's actually a gif i swear also basically all reactions to smtm4 summed up
Why SMTM4 is rigged af
- Loco actually said to One that he had never heard him rap before but they edited to ‘your rap….. yeah’ lmao- Jay said the staff asked them to talk nonsense (ex. ‘if he dresses better he’d be perfect’) and it ended up being aired out of everything he said- Jay didn’t watch ep 2 because he wa...
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omg block B speed tablo zico epik high Woo Jiho Taewoon woo taewoon woo brothers smtm4 how do you guys make such quality gifs with a low quality video?? I have to learn how to gif jiho's like 'bitch that's my fckng brO right here how could U'
Tablo, Joey Bada$$  Hood
tablo Show Me the Money smtm4 the best moment of the entire show
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thank you tablo epik high I love this man so much I want him to be the happiest man alive
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