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my gifs Downton Abbey mary crawley kind of downtonians edith crawley sybil crawley or sth and now upstairs faves or well four of them are faves anyway idk about the quote either originally this set was just about ladies and their respective ''homes'' now it's still about homes i guess but also how all of their opinions are sometimes ignored or w/e when they have just as much as a stake if not more so in all of this pretend i'm deep someone make up something that sounds nice ok go
my edits my gifs Rose Tyler ninth doctor otp: i think you need a doctor dwedit dredits rtdedit this occurred to me when i was giving father's day gkjdfkgjadfkljgkljfd their hands idk i could just watch them lace together for hours especially the bottom right one
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once upon a time Regina Mills gif: ouat i was rewatching this episode and i just can't get my head around the fact that a group of people were talking about scenes that need to happen and so this one person stands up and says 'what do you guys think of making a scene where the evil queen wonders about a way to make the savior TASTE HER FORBIDDEN FRUIT' and not  a single son of a bitch thought woW MAYBE PEOPLE WILL SEE THIS IN A SEXUAL WAY i just have so many dirty thoughts right now
1k arrow oliver queen arrowedit felicity smoak these moments give me life tbqh the second set of gifs are pretty bad tho :// AND I COULDNT FIND A LOGOLESS ONE FOR THE LATEST EPISODE
1k 5k Jonathan Groff jeremy jordan LIKE I JUST CAN'T they sold the shit out of it too they need to do something real together they sound really good together NEW MUSICAL STARING THEM BOTH AS ROMANTIC LEADS Y/Y?
Teen Wolf *graphics all the goddamn ladies in this episode 3b you're doing so good keep it up bb
mine queue mygif sasuke uchiha and the rest Naruto Shippuuden naruto challenge narutographic by rue i am lazy again maybe i'll tag them later i forgot how hard it is to colour anime gifs w/o making them all pixelated there are actually more scenes but i am a lazy person so that's just not happening episode 331- episode 194 3rd and 4th are both 257 episode 126-episode115 i added the fanboys bc it was gross sasuke quotes
please ;~~~; welp type: gif whatever man type: mine animanga: naruto my sweet prince omfg what the fuck photoshop you tricked me!!! this was not how fast i wanted it to be this episode does so many things to me and i actually can't watch it in one go uchiha bros for life kishi can you just give them some sort of progress in the next chapter WHY WOULD YOU INTERRUPT ITACHI WHEN HE IS ASKING IF SASUKE IS OKAY I JUST NEED THEM TO TALK character: uchiha sasuke
my gifs manga xxxHolic clamp Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle i wanted to write something witty about them in the tags ... but i'm too sleepy LIFE RUINERS that's all they've been active for over 25 years guys that's... certainly something say what you want about clamp but damn these ladies are just admirable do you remember that glorious moment of our sad lives when clamp got invited to japan expo and drew that picture of Nuki and Yuuko... live ugggh i love them but i hate them i almost wrote Ageha instead of Nanase and i keep mistaking Tsubaki for Satsuki
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