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1k mine gif* Ladies ATL arrow arrowedit this was hella hard to make tbh but i like it not just one woman ALL OF THEM this is a thing this is a meme haha love me
* mine phil coulson agents of shield Jemma Simmons Leo Fitz aosedit this literally broke my heart fitz's reaction was just so heart wrenching he believed in ward so much like after their mission together he was on his side and knowing this fact knowing that ward betrayed them it just- it was too much iain's acting was a+ she's keeping it together if only by the seams this is because she realizes that she can't lose it right now not when fitz is coming undone she knows he needs her right now and so she'll wait she breaks down later and she cries because she trusted ward he jumped out of a plane for her she holds it in and will freak out later like coulson elizabeth was amazing this entire episode she was the rock this entire episode was a rollercoaster of emotion and it was so good i need more of simmons' reaction tho and may's and coulson's yeah these tags got away from me but who cares i have feels and i need an outlet so yeah
mine: gifs f: marvel avengersedit c: natasha romanoff marveledit c: pepper potts Thoredit ironmanedit c: peggy carter captainamericaedit c: maria hill mine: kawaii c: darcy lewis i hope this gifset properly conveys how much i love these ladies and the caption should convey how much i fucking loathe anyone talking any sort of smack about them
my edits my gifs Rose Tyler ninth doctor otp: i think you need a doctor dwedit dredits rtdedit this occurred to me when i was giving father's day gkjdfkgjadfkljgkljfd their hands idk i could just watch them lace together for hours especially the bottom right one
1k my stuff Teen Wolf twedit kira yukimura malia tate kirasyukimura malira i am so ready for scenes with these two i am so ready for them to dance together in a club just give me these badass ladies and lots of them p.s. sorry for putting the pizza gif in everything
fashion style gender queer ootd gender bender Gender Variant gender fluid gender variance
my edits hannibal hannibal lecter will graham hannibal spoilers i love their dynamic like just give me an entire episode of them just talking like how will is being potrayed as having pure empathy and hannibal has been described in other franchises as a pure pyschopath gOD DYNAMICS MAKE ME SO HAPPY YOU ALL DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND THEY COULD BE A FUCKING DREAM TEAM RULING THE WORLD BEFORE TEA TIME ....listen there are things that i am oops i should add... sorry my bad i just got excited
arrow john diggle arrowedit felicity smoak arrow spoilers time of death
love ldr long distance marriage usmc deployment letters mail milso militaryso open when
Teen Wolf *graphics all the goddamn ladies in this episode 3b you're doing so good keep it up bb
mine queue mygif sasuke uchiha and the rest Naruto Shippuuden naruto challenge narutographic by rue i am lazy again maybe i'll tag them later i forgot how hard it is to colour anime gifs w/o making them all pixelated there are actually more scenes but i am a lazy person so that's just not happening episode 331- episode 194 3rd and 4th are both 257 episode 126-episode115 i added the fanboys bc it was gross sasuke quotes
once upon a time Regina Mills gif: ouat i was rewatching this episode and i just can't get my head around the fact that a group of people were talking about scenes that need to happen and so this one person stands up and says 'what do you guys think of making a scene where the evil queen wonders about a way to make the savior TASTE HER FORBIDDEN FRUIT' and not  a single son of a bitch thought woW MAYBE PEOPLE WILL SEE THIS IN A SEXUAL WAY i just have so many dirty thoughts right now