• * gifs Dylan O'Brien i am in lOVE why do i like you dobedit THE COLORING IS SHIT CAUSE IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO COLOR OK dylans-obrien •

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Kellin Quinn sleeping with sirens pierce the veil vic fuentes jaime preciado kellic viclin it was fun oK fuenciado vaime quintes quinntes i overtagged this sorry i just didn't know which one was the common ship name i am sorry if this offends you i am joking and please I AM JOKING OH MY GOD I HATE TWLIGHT I KNOW SOMEONE IS GOING TO UNFOLLOW ME BECAUSE THEY THINK I LIKE TWILIGHT WHICH I DON'T OK I WENT THROUGH A PHASE IN GRADE 5
** Stiles Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien this looked so much better in my head i had a nice ocloring and everything but it only worked on one of them ffs teen wolf is impossible to color ffs
happy birthday taemin! i am so proud of youuu! you've made it this far (LOL) look at you now look how much you have improved from the taemin with a jet black bowl cut hair lithe body and and chubby cheeks ;~; you look so good rn i am fucking clapping for your fitness instructor and your coughjonghyunhyungcough anyways I LOVE YOU SO MCUH YOU WILL NEVER KNOW TBH i love your voice your eyes your neck YOUR EVERYTHING stay as sweet as you are right now im aware that this letter of gratitude is kinda useless but whateva!!!!! i promise to support you till the end and shit THE FANS (+me) ARE ALWAYS HERE TO SUPPORT YOU OK WE GOT UR BACK have fun party hard drink lots n lots of hard liquor with ur hyungs and HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
sigh MTV Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien TW colton haynes Holland Roden stiles stilinski derek hale tyler hoechlin Tyler Posey Scott McCall allison argent Crystal Reed jeff davis lydia martin jackson wittemore sorry for excessive tagging i am so bad atthis JEFF DAVIS IS A GIFT
Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson bts hp gifs: mine ugh the last gif is so bad can i tell a story about how i made these ok so the first two have the same coloring and when i tried to apply the same coloring to the 3rd one it turned out completely different and i was baffled so i had to make a new on... no1cur!!1!
my gifs 2 Dylan O'Brien derek hale tyler hoechlin Tyler Posey TW*S1 J.R. Bourne I actually love how much they've developed their characters
So I’ve been doing a lot of fun little songs lately but this is my new kin...
I DON'T KNOW type: gif type: mine animanga: naruto okay okay luv ya otp: naruto/sasuke why am i so bad at being an okay friend this is so late but i love you you may delete the text if you want to reblog the gifs otherwise it would be awkward except if you are keyi who deserves everything in the world how did i managa to become friends with her again? BUT I AM SO HAPPY WHEN KEYI IS HAPPY eonity
*** Darren Criss i haven't giffed darren in awhile so \o/ also the coloring is so weird it's not even for gifs but my gif coloring just wasn't having it he looked like he was in smoke
Bless you Dylan O'Brien my tw stuff tw gif
Tom Felton interview gifs dramione okay so this girl in the audience was like 'oh my god' and i love her. it's so funny. she sounded so scandalized like 'why the fuck would you say that to tom felton. to tom fucking felton. like are you crazy?'
love cute quote quotes gerard way gerard way quote quotes and interviews marriage husband wife daughter lindsey lindsey way lyn-z way d'aw 4th anniversary i don't care what you say Lyn-Z Ballato bandit way special occasion quotes spam ger-z holy fuck i love this couple lindsey way quote