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sittin’ in the back seat~

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  • Angel City:They only have one president, Leeteuk. There are no other pets except for ducks. Everyone talks a lot, and gyms are forbidden; because they only exercise their uvula muscles for more talking purposes. This city is close with all the other cities in the Super Junior country.
  • Petal City:The citizens only have one flower, Heechul. Everyone is beautiful regardless of sexuality. Mirrors are everywhere. No normal man is present. Cats are pet of choice. When the citizens meet, they say, "BABO!" to each other with the traditional pointing-hand gesture.
  • Gengster City:Everybody eats nothing but the great Beijing Fried Rice. Every citizen knows how to do Chinese Martial Arts. This city is very close with Petals City.
  • Cloud City:Everyone is weird and awkward. There are no stores except for WHYSTYLE. Having a selca a day is required. International Movie Posters are in every corner of the city. Turtles are the pet of choice.
  • Camomile City:Arm wrestling is the number one sport. There are no drinks except for beer. Everyone possesses an irresistable eye smile. Everyone gets awkward when bunnies are around. There are no other pets except for raccoons.
  • ShinsFriends City:Everything is purple. There are no pets, thus everyone has their own teddy bear. The citizens dances like a crazy everytime. Everybody is happy all the way.
  • Vitamin City:This city is like a huge theme park. Everything is in pink! Bunnies are the pet of choice. Everyone does aegyo every time. The clock only strikes at 1:11, 2:22, 3:33 and other time with the same kind of number. No one drinks water because only bubble tea is available.
  • Jewel City:The only sport that everyone does is soccer. There are no other tv shows or movies on tv but porn and more porn. Monkeys and anchovys are the pet of choice. They call their Jewel boy, "OPPA OPPA" in singsong voice.
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I Love Super Junior Because they're so Hot and Attractive
wait. I… can… …….explain NO FUCK IDIOTS DONT RUIN— YOUR— IMAG— … ……………. i give up.
Rehearsing for Super Show
Suju be likeĀ  and managers, PDs and staff be like
  • f(x):the nameless fandom
  • Block B:the hep hap fandom
  • EXO:the GIF/reblog/macro everything fandom
  • Big Bang:the self proclaimed elite fandom
  • TVXQ:the forever sad fandom
  • 2NE1:the excessive use of the word "swag" fandom
  • SNSD:the forever arguing fandom
  • Super Junior:the forever shipping fandom
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edits super junior :') <3 sighs i love them so much after all this time 151106 I had so much fun making this. made me look back and see all the things they have achieved but also all the hardships and how they turned this into positives these boys are still the one for me
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Some Nights
Fun.  Some Nights
"Some Nights" by Fun.
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