• * gifs* gifset The Flash multiple gifs SOMEONE HOLD ME snowstorm long post Ronnie Raymond Caitlin Snow eye strain cw theflashedit caitlin x ronnie irisberries also im cackling bc wait until sophia sees this biathenas •

i will love you and nothing can change that
that’s what love means:
no matter what

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my gifs mine Teen Wolf seizure warning caitlin stiles stilinski twedit caitlin x stiles staitlin i love this scene but i hate how the gifs flash completely white sometimes stupid fucking strobe light but seriously i love caitilin so fucking much more of her always
doctor who matt smith mine David Tennant Catherine Tate Billie Piper Christopher Eccleston Freema Agyeman caitlin blackwood jenna louise coleman ok gonna tag everybody let's go i made a gifset like this a long time ago and i wanted to remake it bc of reasons also why didn't they use the shot of clara saying her name in the actual episode?? i had to resort to the low quality trailer on youtube ugh ;n;
brave merida *my gifset there it says 'mum' now stop pestering me also the first one was ugly ew ew ew posting in the dead of the night bc i don't wanna wait until tomorrow
1k mine sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch john watson amazing sherlock bbc minegif clapping minesh jUST CAITLIN HOLD ME YOU'RE JUST
spoilers epilepsy warning Teen Wolf my gifset priorities derek hale Scott McCall lemme hold you twedit derek x scott I'LL PROTECT YOU gifset:tw milica NO I'LL PROTECT /YOU/ NOT IF I HOLD YOU FIRST short gifs and stuff but i don't care bc this matters 2 me a lot and it didn't last long SO
my gifs taylor swift my stuff Taylor Swift gif taylor swift edit The Agency taylor swift edits caitlin evanson eunice taylor swift band taylor swift video diary caitlin as eunice
* alice gifs* gifset multiple gifs Andrew Lee Potts hatter syfy alice a* caterina scorsone alice x hatter wounds cw
a brief summary: galvanize
* gifs* james mcavoy christina ricci penelope gifset multiple gifs long post movies*
mine supernatural dean winchester MEG multiple gifs caged heat blood cw torture cw dean x meg that awkward moment when you wordlessly sympathize with one of your oldest enemies about what it's like to be on the rack this ep is a deanmeg goldmine
* mine gifset naruto Dream Team team 7 my sun and stars narutoedit Team Kakashi narutographic this took wwayyyyy longer than it had to and also the kakashi gif lost its quality like????? nooooooo i worked on this too hard for it to turn out like shit also guys the x is my inspiration gifset fun fact: both sasuke and sakura are fire types but for this gifset sakura kinda fits under the water type sooo and im v happy bc im a water sign too this is very important i love yo u so much.... strokes screen licks their faces aint no team pretty as these bitches slaps myself
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It has just come out that the Twitter account so many people thought was run by Caitlin Blackwood was, in fact, run by an imposter. Caitlin’s mother posted this picture on her Twitter account as proof: She also sent me a message asking me to spread the word about this. So please, if you see t...