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i will love you and nothing can change that
that’s what love means:
no matter what

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If you signed the card for Caitlin Blackwood, Steven Moffat, and Amanda Abbington, please read this!
It has just come out that the Twitter account so many people thought was run by Caitlin Blackwood was, in fact, run by an imposter. Caitlin’s mother posted this picture on her Twitter account as proof: She also sent me a message asking me to spread the word about this. So please, if you see t...
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One Direction Fanart idk fuckin hell someone suggested disney princesses but like all i could decide was zayn=sleepin beauty i had no idea for the others??? but it was awhile ago and i need practice rn so i just did it harry is snowwhite bc headband lou is jasmine bc sass and sweet pants i just wanted niall in the little boob shells so there's that but i couldn't figure out liam for the life of me so once again liam is just questioning his life choices disney comes to 1D ok idd this awhile ago but wasn't sure about it so im putting it in my queue while im away until the 25th or so for school activities back soon
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gifs seriously what if Korra legend of korra Bryan Konietzko HOW ARE YOU REAL?! lol what if he sees this the fact that he had someone else gif him because he didn't know how gave me teh giggles
steven moffat Caitlin Moran get in the kitchen and make me a sci-fi series no tumblr the point of this is they are both excellent stop your moffat whining
Benedict Cumberbatch i think someone already made a gifset like this but i can't remember if it was just my imagination but if so then sorry *bc
mygifs damaramegido Egbertdaily [s] crystal ball i tried: the gifset might redo later bc the gray lines are annoying me
supernatural mygif purgatory benny multiple gifs myspn Blood Brother benny lafitte epilepsy warning? Antonio photoshops myspn:benny oh man my first gifset and it looks aWFUL cries dramatically into the wind ugh whatever i'm just gonna post it sORRY
mine multiple gifs alex summers armando munoz maddi alexarmando dont look at me im still mourning my six minute ship okay posting this at 2am because im sad for my life