• * gifs Marvel Natasha Romanoff bucky barnes buckynat marveledit buckynatashas jaredsleto userbuckynat OH MY GOD SAMI I DID IT I DID IT FINALLY im so trash suddenly this feels so good tbh okay so this is the first time they fight like the way in the comics oh ym god stilesdunbar •

But I guess that’s all I’m good at.

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gif spoilers mine 1000 Captain America Steve Rogers 500 bucky barnes mcu marvel cinematic universe also: character: steve rogers character: bucky barnes series: mcu ship: steve x bucky this has probably been done a hundred times already but i just have so many FEELS okay this film will break my heart ....I NEED IT NOW
Fanart tony stark Steve Rogers loki DX I'm so sorry I DON'T KNOW WHY I DREW THIS oh god I am so sorry this is so stupid just ignore it it'll go away why am I even tagging this it seemed like a good idea at the time why the hell did I stick my name all over it
mine Marvel Natasha Romanoff black widow natasha romanova why do i open photoshop idek what i'm doing but i really liked the colouring for my icon so i did this I just love her a lot and i'm so ready for these comics
when an entire fandom mischaracterizes a character and everyone goes along with it
The Avengers Marvel Natasha Romanoff black widow bruce banner The Hulk oh natasha do you really think so???
the hobbit costume tauriel OH GOD IM CRYING TEARS OVER THE FIRST ONES like in general the mirkwood elves' costumes are just so great but the first one oh my god I love it so much if she's actually actively participating in botfa I cant WAIT to see her battle armor
drawings jack frost rotg jackson overland frost Rise of the Gaurdians its not even good but i was so angry about not being able to post it that i had to fucking do it im a stupid jackass pls ignore me
mine Aang Avatar atla Avatar: the last airbender toph avatar the last airbender oh my fucking god atla gif I TRIED SO HARD TO MAKE THIS A PHOTOSET BUT EVERY TIME I UPLOADED IT TO TUMBLR THE GIFS WOULD NOT WORK I REMADE THEM LIKE 6 TIMES BEFORE I JUST DECIDED THAT I WOULD TRY TO MAKE THIS ONE GIF It was a pain in my ass anyway... proper tagging time
still I DON'T KNOW um mygraphics Marvel Clint Barton Hawkeye Jeremy Renner Natasha Romanoff black widow scarlett johansson Ohwell *k not entirely happy with the picture choice but i wanted ones that hadn't been used in the avengers or other so pretend that clint's bow is just out of shot it does kinda look like a marvel poster if overly saturated and natasha has some weird ass contortions going on and this has to be the first graphic that i actually put my name/url on
mine coldplay chris martin mx era coldplayer gif sorry for the low quality gifs OH GOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH but you're just so cute and adorable and so funny i love this interview so much because you're so perfect like you actually did the worm okay sfgnskdjfng who does that????
Tom Felton interview gifs dramione okay so this girl in the audience was like 'oh my god' and i love her. it's so funny. she sounded so scandalized like 'why the fuck would you say that to tom felton. to tom fucking felton. like are you crazy?'
My art dean winchester castiel destiel HOWEVER um...can you tell Cas is talking first and then Dean or...? i did not wanted to use a different font so //FEELS// oh god do i try i still think this is kawaii ALSO THOSE ARE THE SAME WORDS CAS SAID TO DEAN AFTER HE HEALED HIM AFTER THE UH ASSBUTT EPISODE LOL