• gifs otp v Hyunseung b2st T_T i cant hs im so happy Bangtan taehyung and when other ppl are like judging seungie just smiled b2ts ok la kan eyehealyou •

when BEAST’s 4D Prince meets BTS’s 4D Alien^^

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gifs otp v Hyunseung b2st T_T i cant hs im so happy Bangtan taehyung and when other ppl are like judging seungie just smiled b2ts ok la kan
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Plz remember that ppl with adhd (and probably some other disorders) are slow to process things. So if we ask you to repeat something 100 times its not cuz we wanna piss you off or that we cant hear you. Its just that we havent processed what you said so your words sound all garbly and make no sense.
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1k otp MY EDIT 5k 2k 4k 3k qistina Mine:Free! makoharu free!edit kintokie RMB WHEN I SAID I WANTED TO GIVE YOU A BDAY PRESENT BUT I COULDNT BC I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO GIVE HAHAHAAH WELL I MADE U A LITTLE STH LIKE rLY RMB WHEN U ASKED ME FOR TAGS U COULD USE AS OTP TAGS FOR MAKOHARU WELL HERE ARE SOME MORE I EVEN PUT YOURS IN THERE MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHA anyways i kinda randomly made up some fOR EXAMPLE YOU PUT THE STARS IN MY SKY I MADE THAT UP WHILE SHOWERING I AM SO CHEESY PLS STOP ME all the other tags ive seen on my dash or while browsing the tags before hEUHEUEHUEHUEE ANYWAYS YEAH I CRIED WHILE TAKING ALL THESE SCREENSH OTS BC I WAS REWATCHING THOSE EMOTIONAL PARTS AND I KEPT FORGETTING TO TAKE THE SCREENSHOT BC I WAS TOO BUSY CRYING IM SORRY HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA also i just noticed that the middle section is liTERALLY ALL HARU IM SORRY BUT ITS OKAY RIHGT WE BOTH LOVE HARU SO YOU ARE OKA Y??? YEAH ?? ITS HARU LOOKING AT MAKOTO ANYWAYS HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA and the one which is you put the stars in my sky iTS WHEN FIREFIGHTER MAKOTOS WATER BECAM E TEH STARS AND HARUS EYES DID THE SPARKLE SPARKLE AND I CRIED also you know ep6 the beach scene when haru realised makoto was still alive he literally like fell back for a good few seconds because he wa s just thAT relieved that makoto was alive and he was like 'i didnt lose him' and it made me so emotional bc haru loves makoto so much AND PPL DONT SEE THAT PPL STILL THINK MAKOHARU IS ONE SIDED AND I WILL LITERALLY SLAM THEM AGAINST A WALL grizzly's crap
v bts Ot7 jin jimin park jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga rap monster j hope jungkook taehyung kim taehyung bts jin BTS v min suga bts gif and feels for ot7 hits me like a truck yet again I'm so proud to be an ARMY T_T
v Bangtan taehyung edit:taehyung idk i just like bw on them ok
gifs Alex Turner AND I JUST and your eyes ive been listening to abwbimh the whole day and i cant stop thinking about how you felt while listening to it i already found it sososo lovely when i saw you wearing bill's shirt even before i listened to his music and now that means a lot more to me his music is so painfully beautiful (this must be like the 5th time im saying this) and i cant stop thinking about how that affected you (sometimes i listen to the songs that remind me of you and i cant!! stop thinking about how these songs affect you) so!! anyway i had to gif this video i'm pretty sure it has already been giffed it was so hard to finish because i cant stop looking at the way your fingers are intertwined and then you press them more against each other how can every single detail about you be so beautiful also the way you try to avoid the camera im so so sorry i promise im gonna try not to write a monologue in the tags again but i CANt help it i need to say these things i love everything everything everything about you every single detail
my gifs mine bts jin jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga rap monster yoongi jhope hoseok namjoon jungkook taehyung v app i brought yoonmin into cause I JSUT HAD TO OK
doodles Bangtan taehyung im posting this one ahead bc i have another one to post later im so relieved he and suga are ok now pls get some rest you two soBS all of bts need a vacation P.S I DK WHAT THE HASHTAG IS I JUST MADE THT UP
gifs v bts baw im so mad Bangtan taehyung kim taehyung
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