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(n o t h i n g  is perfect, but. your love is worth it and for that i will wait.)

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Im honestly scared about season 3
only because we dont know how John is going to be emotionally we dont know if John is married we dont know how John will react when he sees Sherlock we dont know where Sherlock has been staying all this time or how he is without his blogger the fandom
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friendly reminder: these two idiots are in love with each other
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  • me:dude, i'm not going anywhere until you fix my laptop so i can go on the internet anywhere in the universe. and my phone too.
  • doctor:
  • me:also can you fast forward to 2020 or something and buy sherlock season 3 and 4 for me cuz i'm kinda broke right now
  • doctor:
  • me:and i need supernatural seasons 7, 8, 9, and 10 on DVD
  • doctor:
  • me:and all the game of thrones books
  • doctor:
  • ...