• gifs YG san e simon d gifs:other mix and match mix & match panda-smack •
gifs YG san e simon d gifs:other mix and match mix & match

and then there’s YG…

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gifs YG san e simon d gifs:other mix and match mix & match
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People say: “Art is beautiful, but dreaming of becoming an artist is stupid.”
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my gif Bobby Team B trying not to cry ikon kim jiwon mix&match yg m&m m&m ep2
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SCHOOL (hanbin's version)
Getting ready Walking in corridor Morning class Self introduction to new friends Realizing had homework Teacher explains something Don’t understand what your teacher said Teacher gives a question and meet your eyes Guessing the answer to a question and getting it right Pop Quiz B...
gif 1k mine 2k YG Bobby Team B ikon kim jiwon mix & match the coloring is so ugly but this is such a precious moment