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Do multiple wicks count as one candle?

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gifs2 5k gifset hs idk what coherence is
gifs2 gifset idk what this is otra harry
1k * 5k 2k 500 so hot 3k stiles stilinski demon!stiles twedit bralpha teenwolf* jessiepinkman boburnhum idk what the purpose of this gifset is but he looked really nice here
karen gillan MY EDIT 5k idk what is this
1k 5k 2k mine* idk what this is reagan faking it fakingitedit Yvette Monreal
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1k MY EDIT 5k harry gifset appearance hs '14
Harry Styles Niall Horan 1D 5k GOD BLESS over 1k nh gifset narry gifset hs gifset
oh well Buffy the vampire Slayer BTVS Hush The Gentlemen *gifset idk what is this i wanted it to be funny
gif Orphan Black alison hendrix sarah manning felix dawkins idk what this gifset is but i wanted to do it
gifs doctor who amy pond karen gillan dwedit idk what is this i just wanted to make a pretty amy gifset
1k tate langdon american horror story * Evan Peters idk what this is AHS Murder House ahsedit but here have a quick gifset before i go babysitting