• *gifset jane the virgin jtvedit latin lover narrator lol i'm not gonna tag everyone also yeah i think there's gonna be a lot of parts for this and i'm gonna make a separate one with more socially aware topics talesofnorth •

Best of Latin Lover Narrator, part 1/?

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*gifset jane the virgin jtvedit latin lover narrator lol i'm not gonna tag everyone also yeah i think there's gonna be a lot of parts for this and i'm gonna make a separate one with more socially aware topics
spoilers *gifset gina rodriguez jane the virgin jane villanueva jtvedit still makes me chuckle aww man this set doesn't really capture how hysterical that sequences was but I tried okay and I just loved the whole thing so much also idk why i'm thinking of this but if jane was also a m/m shipper two of these scenes would probably end with kissing idk why did i even think of that; probably because of the smut writing moment and the whole 'virgin not a saint' anyyyyway that was great
mygifs spoilers best Spoiler mygraphics hggraphic thgedit gr:katniss gr:peeta gr:d12 gr:arena thgspoilers gr:careers gr:d1 gr:d2 gr:marvel gr:glimmer gr:cato gr:clove thgspoiler i loved this scene okay i thought they were too excited when they killed the d8 girl but their taunting katniss was just brilliant and her sassy comeback of course this is a bit messy but yeah kb limit so i couldn't do much with it to make it better and i think i'm gonna stop giffing the movie now because to be honest i don't think there's a lot of careers footage i haven't done yet rofl
sorry not sorry long post *gifset jane the virgin jtvedit there are too many people and i'm too lazy to tag them all also i have enough text posts for like another two parts so i will most likely do more of these later i love the first one because hey do i talk about jane? do i talk about luisa? who knows! both! i will never let this meme go; i love it way too much kinda sad didn't have any michael or xo gifs but i wasn't sure about texts for them
mine ugh jane the virgin jane villanueva jtvedit jtv spoilers petra solano im still very bitter about the... events of last week and i know those two will never ever be together but it was a very cute episode and im really happy they are letting them be friends if im gonna insist on making gifs this big a should at least wait for the 1080p version also does tumblr really need to put the gifs 20m apart
Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life
Dear Korra fandom, did you know that LoK airs in other countries besides the grand ol’ US of A? Where their laws about depicting homosexuality is a lot more strict and ¬†could get the show and possibly the entire network banned from that country? Do you remember the FCKH8 bs where they tried to...
TTP long post *gifset jane the virgin jtvedit this is dumb; i am dumb; but who cares i just love doing these i wanna make a whole sin rosetro set tho i think i have about 7 texts for it already also i'm all about that last gif tbh
hannibal hannibal lecter no i'm not will graham nbc hannibal Jack Crawford hannibal spoilers i think this is becoming a habit i'm never gonna be done with these comics i think i'm going to make some more of these today i am so sorry this is the only thing i really do on this website apart from reblogging posts and making personal posts (and wasp posts)
gif mine naruto itachi uchiha sasuke uchiha anyway Animes Narutogif *naruto uchiha brothers narutographic ok so i'm doing this... but it won't be in 30 days and i'm not doing it in order lol there's going to be a lot of gifsets for each day or category also i'm not gonna do everything 'cause there's some really stupid stuff like your least favorite_____ why would i want to dedicate my time doing stuff about my least favorite thing; person etc? ... this photoset took me ages argh naruto30
art it's gonna take me like 5000000 years to draw them all i think when i'm done i am going to do a big comparison post of the first stages and the second that'll be fun but yeah that's gonna be in like a long time since I am going to progress at a pace of like... 2 of these a week lol
render dragon age inquisition I didn't even use a lot of photoshop on this one thanks high poly models i'm not tagging everyone fuck y'all I'm gonna make more DA2 stuff now