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funny flight safety
white man had been burglarized white man accuses black child in the neighborhood white man “confronts” black child with gun black child denies it (apparently, he was in...
~ wtf kristen stewart no snow white and the huntsman SWATH KRISTEN. YOU CAN NOT WALK AROUND LIKE THAT LOOKING LIKE THAT? JUST GO HOME UGH TORTURING US WITH YOUR PERFECTION. FUCKING SHEIT Stella McCartney from the Fall/Winter 2012
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kurt hummel blaine anderson CBdoodles Klaine fanart Blaine I have a feeling when we stand up we are going to see that our angel has two heads. Also my ass is freezing. Your ass is actually pretty hot Kurt. And it will be the most beautiful angel ever - second only to you. For the lovelies who requested them playing in the snow. ;)
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gillian anderson The X Files Dana Scully what would xf be without these expressions jw~ i'm laying in bed on a monday afternoon watching xf wat is my life idrk
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