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A woman who writes feels too much.

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I am alone here in my own mind. There is no map and there is no road.
I talk to myself about all the wrong things.
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When your lover asks you why you’re so closed tell them about the book that you keep in your chest and how so many people ripped chapters ou...
Hand me a pen, darling. I’ll write the story we should’ve lived.
I was full of letters I hadn’t sent you.
I know you have feelings left somewhere. Their somewhere buried away. I swear I can see it. I can feel it. But someone once told me when som...
I turn people into poetry, I don’t mean to, it just happens. One day you’re just a stranger to me and the next you are a waking metaphor. An...
How lovely would it be, To be the very first thing, On your lips each morning.
Write until it stops hurting.
I loved you the way I should have loved my self.