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girls cars bike bobber Motorbike Hotrod


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girls cars drift jdm slammed speedhunters stanced
My art papyrus no really sans undertale alphys undyne im pretty sure I will do every character in a car or on a bike or something still calling it THUNDERTALE
  • girl:i know you are just a rat trained to text as part of an experiment but i think im falling for you
  • me:i feel the same way ...food pellet
  • girl:do you have a signature on your texts or something?
  • me:no ...food pellet
some hipster girl: im a vegan albert einstein: your a vegan? oh, that’s cute… tell me more about how you are the smartest scientist of all time and invented the theory of relativity…
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When you know you’re getting a bike for Christmas but you have to wait ‘till Christmas day to ride it
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