• giveaway harorosgiveaway woo my first giveaway!!! ha-roro •
giveaway harorosgiveaway woo my first giveaway!!!


Hey guys! Here is my first giveaway!!! wooo! I have been planning this for sometime now & i was going to post this up at new years but i’ve been extremely busy. Anyhoo, i saved up money & got a bunch of stuff over the past couple of months. I have met awesome people here on tumblr & i hope to meet more of you guys soon ^^ I thought this was a nice way to say thanks and to show my appreciation to my followers who have put up with weird phases i’ve gone through, helped me win BOTMs and other shinanaginz (:

Okay enough rambling, let’s start!~~

Click here for still images & more details about the prizes. I originally had the prizes written on here but the post became wayyy to long :P 


- Must be following me (this is for my followers :P) If you’re new please only follow if you genuinely like my blog, don’t follow for the giveaway, then unfollow after. It’s unfair to my current followers.

- Please message me if you are using your sideblog for this giveaway so that i can check if you’re following. 

- Reblog this post exactly the way it is. Please do not delete the text or you will be disqualified. Only the gif will show up (tho this depends on your theme) You can reblog as much as you want.

- For up to 60 additional entries, click here

- Giveaway blogs are allowed BUT you must reblog this post at least once on your main blog. You can add this multiple times to your queue at different times, or save it in your drafts and publish it whenever you want, to space out your entry.

- Likes count 

- Winner will be chosen from random.org

- Ask box must be open. (how else can i tell you, you won? :L) Once i have contacted the winner, they have 2 days to reply back. If not then i will pick another person. Once they have replied to me, i will announce the official winner. 

- International! yes i will ship out to you even if you live on Mars, i believe i saved enough money for that ;L

- Participants under 18 must have permission from parents to give out their address to me if they have won.

- Start: Jan 17th 2014 || End: Feb 28th 2014 11:59PM (London GMT)


Any questions? feel free to ask ^^ click here first to see if your questions hasn’t already been answered (:

That’s it (: Hope you’re having a lovely day! Good luck everyone!! Mwah xo

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