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giveaway homestuck loveme this will take forever

Okay guys 40+ followers and it’s time for a give away!

First place will get a print of my horrid art and 2 bed sheet covers sewn by me and the symbol of your picking on there as well as four pillow cases!

second place will get one bed cover 2 pillow cases with the symbol of your picking on it

third will get 2 pillow cases with symbol of your picking on it.

and fourth will get a horrid print of my art and one pillow case!


1- You have to be okay with giving me your address!

2- you don’t have to be following me but i would love you guys!

3-you may reblog as much as you want!

4- this goes till march 1st

ALSO you will have to wait about a month for me to get done with it all! I wana make them really nice so you have to deal with it not being at your door asap I have alot school work and this is going to cost alot for me <3 but i love my followers!

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giveaway homestuck loveme this will take forever
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