• giveaway kpop bts exo exo m exo k Kpop Giveaway bap b.a.p BTOB Bangtan LESA ILYSFM good luck everyone!! sprinkles good luck kisses all over u fruitmilk •
giveaway kpop bts exo exo m exo k Kpop Giveaway bap b.a.p BTOB Bangtan LESA ILYSFM good luck everyone!! sprinkles good luck kisses all over u


ok so my friend went to china recently and came back with a whole lot of merch for me as gifts which includes btob, bap, bangtan albums and exo’s whole discography (i’m done tbh) and as much as i love my friend for this, i already have these albums (and i’m moving away to university campus soon so i don’t have anywhere to put this extra stuff) so i decided to hold a quick giveaway since all of you guys are awesome and i know a lot of you love these groups (exo especially)!!!

the prizes are:

  • exo mama [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo xoxo [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo xoxo [repackage] [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo miracles in december [chinese + korean ver]
  • b.a.p badman
  • b.a.p 1st sensibility
  • btob press play
  • btob thriller
  • btob beep beep
  • bangtan 2 kool 4 skool
  • bangtan o! r u l8 2?
  • bangtan skool luv affair

they’re all sealed (since they’re straight from china and i haven’t opened them at all, so they’re all in excellent condition!)

the rules are simple, just don’t break any because i will be watching:

  • you must be following me. this is for my followers so if you wanna join, follow
  • likes count.
  • reblog only 5 times a day maximum. spamming isn’t cool for me nor for your followers, so consider them please! i’ll know if you reblog more than 5 times at once and i’ll put you on the temporary blacklist (so no albums for u)
  • don’t cut off the rules please, that’s not cool and i won’t like it (i know some themes hide the captions etc. and that’s ok as long as you personally didn’t remove it)
  • this is international!
  • the giveaway ends on the 30th of April 2014 on 16:00 GMT
  • there is only one winner!
  • i will choose the winner with a random number generator.
  • please please please make sure your askbox is open!! this is how i’ll notify you and if it’s not open, i’m gonna have to choose another winner :c
  • the winner will have 24 hours to respond otherwise i’ll choose another peep as the winner!
  • if the winner wishes for me not to reveal their url, i will not do so. otherwise i’ll make an announcement when this is over!

i think that’s it o_o if you need any questions to be answered or extra help, *kim possible voice* call me beep me if u wanna reach me at inbox ?


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giveaway kpop bts exo exo m exo k Kpop Giveaway bap b.a.p BTOB Bangtan LESA ILYSFM good luck everyone!! sprinkles good luck kisses all over u
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