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giveaway Kpop Giveaway album giveaway cindie's giveaway
ok, because I just cleaned out my tack trunk and this has been sitting for two years and only used one time… I decided I’m too lazy to try to sell it. And I thought it would be a fun thing to do a giveaway! And nice, because obviously not everyone can afford the cool new trends, and i don’t n...
In honor of almost reaching 8000 followers, I will be doing a giveaway! I will be giving away: 2 vineyard vines t-shirts one short and one long sleeved, a southern tide short sleeve t-shirt, and a vineyard vines iPhone 5 phone case!  You must REBLOG this, likes don’t count! and you must be fol...
Soooooo the picture might be the problem??? yeah? I dunno. I’m really trying my best to figure it out…and this was suggested. PLEASE REBLOG THIS INSTEAD! ^_____^  reblog as much as you want. =P
[GIVEAWAY] EXO-M’S Overdose Album + Posters
Hey guys, To celebrate EMT’s second year anniversary, as stated in the title, we will be giving away one copy of EXO-M’s Overdose Album!  It’s not much, but we wanted to show our appreciation for everybody who has supported our EXO-Translations team all this time! ? There will be one winner,...
flyingdear giveaway time!
Hello, it’s me again~ After a long long long hiatus on tumblr~  This time, I’m back with a EXO giveaway! Since Exo is having their comeback soon (a month later actually = =), I’m giving away 4 copies of EXO latest album to 4 lucky winners! All you have to do is: 1.  Follow my tumbl...
KPop Giveaway
Okay, here is the deal: My amazing aunt just sent me these three albums from Japan, which made me really happy. The only problem is, that I’ve already bought them myself. ^.^” So instead of selling them, I decided to do a little giveaway for all the awesome people on tumblr! The albums a...
Kpop CD Christmas Giveaway! ;D
Hey guys so since Christmas is coming up and I’ve decided I want to get rid of most of my kpop cds (I have too many) I thought I’d do a Christmas giveaway for my followers. :D I love you guys and I want to bring some extra happiness to some people who are going to get a lot more enjoymen...
B.A.P "First Sensibility" Album Giveaway
3rd giveaway! ? I’ll be giving away two of B.A.P’s “First Sensibility” albums to two followers! Poster not included If photocards are included, they will be a random member Rules: You must be following me, himechans Your askbox must be open No giveaway blogs or sideblogs (Be ...
The Sunless Sea Launch Giveaway!
Take the helm of your steamship and set sail for the unknown! SUNLESS SEA is a game of discovery, loneliness and frequent death, set in the award-winning Victorian Gothic universe of Fallen London. To celebrate the release of SUNLESS SEA on 6 February 2015, we have 3 copies to give away! If the gia...
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ART GIVEAWAY!!! (because I’m bored and this won’t surely have much notes ha ha) Okay so I’ll draw -based on their blog- everyone who will reblog this. Ready for 0 notes!!! (edit: I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS before the notes grow even more, I’ll do just the first 200 or so. okay???? I...