• glasses problems do u feel me i love my glasses but they give me so much pain too seagull squawks fantextic semezukas •

glasses problems

  • when they fog up after u get off the bus and u blind for like 17 seconds
  • when you clean them on some cloth u found and the lenses become dirtier and u kno u a failure
  • when they fall off ur face when u exercised for once
  • when u accidentally smudge the lenses and u feel like hell has a place for u
  • when they keep sliding down ur goddamn nose and u gotta push them up like a megane-ass anime character
  • when u lose ur fuckin glasses and u can’t see shit without them so u can’t even look for them

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gifsets gillian jacobs best humans ladies i love ew emotions!!!!! she is so empathetic :') the way she pauses to look into the camera 'i was lonely too.'
edits naruto itachi uchiha i'm not here uchiha itachi and perfect but who cares *naruto he has changed the definition of king and martyr and brother oh god i literally love him so much i'm crying again lost it when i saw him cry how can i feel this way about a fictional character BETTER THAN ALL YOUR FAVES IF U STILL HATE HIM AFTER EVERYTHING LET ME DRAG YOU ALONG WHEN I JUMP OFF A CLIFF king of my soul you will forever own my heart I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE
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my gif supernatural destiel DEANCAS spn spoilers destiel gif S Gif ninetypercentgrace i may try and do this in colour tomorrow but today i'm too tired and i need to go to sleep oh god i'm making myself sad feel free to delete the captions i was feeling sappy precious bbs waking up together and giving lazy soft kisses to each other morning breath be damned because they love each other /so fucking much/ and lbh dean would watch cas sleep just as much just lying there for hours on end and marvelling that he's somehow managed to have cas want him back little does he know that cas does the exact same thing when dean is sleeping okay i'm going to shut up now
Jensen Ackles alec dark angel do you have a last name i made these earlier but they suck so i saved them in my drafts but i haven't made anything else today and i feel unproductive so here u go r u surprised
social anxiety
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