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glee 4x01 The New Rachel glee 4x01 The New Rachel

Is everyone going to overlook the fact that COOKIE from Ned’s Declassified is now a BULLY on glee!? Like…. that cannot be ignored! 

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Marley: because shes my mom. blaine:
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Glee "The New Rachel" 4x01 livestream
GLEE WEBSITE glee-italia.net gleefanslive.com gleelivestream.blogspot.com.br gleeklatino.com/portal?pid=3 Last year they broadcast, but I dont’know for this year, check (I don’t undersand spanish/portugese… so maybe … ) gleeksbr.com nayariverabrasil.com/br/ gleekoutbr.co...
glee 4x01 The New Rachel
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