• glee mygifs2 now that i've made this i'm gonna go find the nearest active volcano and jump in it have a greay day kurtblaine •
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glee mygifs2 now that iglee mygifs2 now that i
glee mygifs2 now that iglee mygifs2 now that i
glee mygifs2 now that iglee mygifs2 now that i

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glee mygifs2 now that i've made this i'm gonna go find the nearest active volcano and jump in it have a greay day
klaine kurt hummel glee blaine anderson mygifs2 i hate myself otp: you're the love of my life im gonna jump off a cliff into a volcano get blown out into the sky and incinerate in the sun
glee mygifs2 i've spent more time than i should on the text tbh so it's like this and now i'm sad please don't graduate
dean winchester spnfanart my supernatural fanart mishasassbutts pastrymisha on an unrelated note jollifer it was a nice experience to play around with some colours i did some weird movement and now the big nerve in my back and left leg is stuck it hurts like hell and i can barely walk haha omg i'm gonna go sleep it away also yes i know the sign on the window is turned the wrong way it's supposed to be mirrored so it can be read from the outside
** star trek spock leonard nimoy spock prime st* trek* i didn't know what to tag this as i'm so sorry uhhhh UHHHHH i think this is the only gifset i've made for star trek....lol.... i'll probably find faults in it now that i've posted it but WHO CARES (i do)
gif glee rachel berry Quinn Fabray ::: rachel and quinn *tv can i get you a side of feels to go with that !rachel and quinn !glee !rachel berry !quinn fabray 'i finally made it. i made a clean getaway. and i miss you. i miss you every single day.' she bought those passes with every intention of using them. she really did. but then… then she got to new haven and it was a chance a chance to be free from that uncomfortable tightening in her chest she's trying to be happy and maybe she told herself that having rachel in her life as a friend was better than nothing at all but it doesn't seem so true anymore. she's got to let go. and she does. she moves on. those biweekly emails from rachel stop causing her heart to race when she sees them pop up in her inbox and now it's less about avoiding her but more well she's got a new life thank you very much and she can mostly ignore the guilt now without even trying college is exciting and demanding with new people and new experiences to try it's easy to lose herself in that while calling it trying to find herself sometimes letting go of the past is part of growing up right? she's feeling better now more confident so it doesn't seem like the worst idea in the world when she gets that call from kurt she can handle it now and be that friend to rachel that she never really could before and she does and it's good to see rachel happy and thriving in the city because that's what she wanted but then this damn wedding happens and maybe it's just the day and the old flames coming together and the reminders of what life was and before she managed to brush off any old tingles but now she realizes all that moving on she did? maybe the best lie she ever told because she bought it herself because at least in that moment she's still the girl with the foolish heart. missing someone she's never really had
1k the vampire diaries tvd mygifs2 Stelena stefan and elena elena and stefan mine:tvd this was in my drafts waiting for a perfect moment to post but i just fell like letting go now
MY EDIT kit harington absolutely perfect gotcastedit kit* kitharingtonedit thank God for this I'm gonna be very rude: HOLY FUCKING SHIT I'M ABOUT TO TEAR UP THANK GOD FOR THIS PHOTOSHOOT CLASSY BUT VERY HOT one of his best photoshoots HANDS DOWN this fits him PERFECTLY I am an absolute MESS it almost makes up for the biterness and sadness I've had all day because of the walking dead also the quote?????????????????? WHAT A MAN MAN OF MY LIFE ACTUALLY the more interview he gives the more I love him he's so honest IT'S SO REFRESHING (except concerning his private life but as it says itself: it's private) ok ok i'm done now I'll just cry in a corner AND BUY THIS MAGAZINE AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm very sorry I sound like a poor crazy girl) love of my life now always and forever
gifs* Pride and Prejudice mine* Oscar Isaac JUST IMAGINE! come on! austenedit papedit perioddramaedit i'm sorry but i'm very proud of it may i describe every scene i've imagined? ok the second gif is that scene when we met darcy and everyone is in love with him until they find he's proud and so look how proud he looks the third and the 4th are obviously darcy writing his letter to elizabeth and he's angry angry with himself for what he made with bingley and now not only his friend is unhappy because him but also he may have ruined his chances and of course angry with wickham that lil' piece of shit the 5th is darcy reflecting before going to longbourn with bingley and the 6th when elizabeth accepts his second proposal and he's statical for a second but my favorite is the 7th where darcy can't do a conversation oscar would be perfect as darcy and this is something that needs to happen he can make himself have a serious and severe appearance but actually he has puppy eyes he's a puppy person god made him to be darcy and once i'm dreaming may i request george blagden as bingley? for we all know he's a sweet and smiling person his cute face falling in love for a jane i'm going to implode! please someone make my dreams to come true
LOL it's always sunny in philadelphia Charlie Day Pepe Silvia
1k * mine once upon a time snow white ouat LAUGHING FOREVER ouatedit snowwhiteedit i'm trying out new things god this is the worst coloring i've ever done it's so ugly i'm cringing like not obsessively oversaturating it's surprisingly difficult and i gave up halfway through hence the b&w second gif just ignore the vomit-like colors and focus on snow being a supreme badass this is especially relevant now after these recent............ developments.......... but i made it yesterday morning so i'm obviously some kind of seer pan ain't got a chance xoxo (also i know that this technically isn't body swap but just go with it)
My art Personal I DON'T KNOW my post sorry I made a thing GUH 25k i've been posting a lot more things that i wouldn't usually post and i feel like it's good and necessary but at the same time it makes me really self conscious and i don't know if that's actually helping in any case i'm just going to go ahead and post this really late at night soooo