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* glee request secondstartotherightt
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i feel like glee is so excited for its new cast members and i’m just like
Glee S04E14 Links
   PLEASE NOTE THAT I WILL BE UNABLE TO POST GLEE LINKS NEXT WEEK UNTIL ABOUT THREE HOURS AFTER THE ORIGINAL AIRING. I sincerely apologize in advance.       Due to the nature of download sites, please understand I cannot check all the links for validity. As a precaution, try to preview your do...
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Livestreams for Glee 3x15 - Big Brother
Livestream 1: Nowwatchlive.comLivestream 2: Gleeklationo.comLivestream 3: Gleeenvivo.com.arLivestream 4: Glee-Italia.netLivestream 5: Gleelivestream.blogspot.deLivestream 6: Bubastvshack.comLivestream 7: Ilive.toLivestream 8: TVPC.com If you missed the episode you can find it here I hope the livestr...