• God ok everything is not ok all ok i got this i got this i got this ok lora-mathis •
God ok everything is not ok all ok i got this i got this i got this ok

Current Fucking Mood, Lora Mathis

Part of me wants to cry / part of me wants to sit in a corner and practice breathing 

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twins are just room mates but in the womb womb mates
all time low ok Alex Gaskarth i got bored so i made this
mine pierce the veil vic fuentes mike fuentes jaime preciado tony perry ok ok ok i got the idea from a fall out boy eDIT AND I CANT FUCKING FIND IT BUT THIS IDEA IS NOT MINE OKKKK
  • teacher:tell me one thing about yourself that most people do not know
  • me:no
Someday, you’ll be in bed with someone new. Her laughter will weave its way inside you and make home in the crevices between your bones unti...
i screencap’d this click + drag game on my dash because i didn’t want to click and drag and
mine edits ok sj 6jib i got bored and everything is lovely and unf and just.....
1k * supernatural castiel spnedit don't be surprised if i end up posting two other versions of this gif ok i have major issues deciding what coloring to go with ok ok ignore also i don't know if anybody wants to be tagged in my gifs? if so then hit me up and i'll tag you ok cool holy crap this post got a lot of notes really fast
Sollux teaches us valuable life lessons about what two do when people call you short.
"What do you mean you wanna see the movie again? You just saw it … Why would you wanna watch a movie you’ve already seen,again???”…
ok polaroid merch MB bye band merch sticker run for cover records run for cover modern baseball rfc rfc records You're Gonna Miss It All i got this with my order ok looks like a polaroid
but zayn making fun of himself