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A literal sideshow

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Brian Williams on NBC News just read Donald Trump’s ridiculous tweets And looked at the camera and said “So, that happened.” And then said “Donald Trump, who has driven well past the exit of relevance.” Brian Williams A. K. A. America’s Finest
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the way the livestream is setup looks like a perfect opportunity to do a little acoustic cover but that’s too fun and great and ben winston would probably eat the guitar if niall pulled it out
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is october like equius appreciation month or something
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remember that time Star Jones tried to whisper in Marlee Matlin’s ear to tell her something in the board room in celebrity apprentice and Marlee had to remind her that she was deaf? lmao
This. Is. Important.
According to Stephen Colbert tonight, this is the link for a new GOP survey aimed at ‘younger voters.’ Oh sweet lord, the questions on this thing are hilarious and painful and EVERYONE ON TUMBLR NEEDS TO FILL THIS OUT RIGHT NOW
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