• * grant gustin The Flash barry allen iris west cisco ramon Joe West Caitlin Snow Harrison Wells westallen this show is ruining me emotionally the flash 1x15 anchoredchris •

I’m so s o r r y, I didn’t want you to find out this way.

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gif I love u justice league unlimited this is actually the best show in the whole wide world I was SCREAMING when I first saw this ep TO FINALLY SEE MY FAVOURITE BOO'S FACE AHHH PLS WORLD LOVE ME FLASH IT'S ONLY FAIR TBH ok so here is a legitimate question why hasn't a movie about flash been made yet smh america get on it THE WORLD LOVES GINGERS DON'T BE AFRAID TO GIVE US WHAT WE WANT
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* butts grant gustin the warblers and also woa he is NOT BAD
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