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  • Alex:alright, so Wendy's going to invite Dipper to a halloween party
  • Disney:okay
  • Alex:so we're gonna show him going to the party with Wendy
  • Disney:sure
  • Alex:and when they get there, they're gonna play spin the bottle. Probably only for one scene
  • Dinsey:...
  • Disney:absolutely not
  • Alex:alright, fine. We won't show Dipper going to the party. He'll just be invited to it and the invitation SAYS they're gonna play spin the bo-
  • Disney:no
  • Alex:but what if I-
  • Disney:We said no
  • Alex, getting frustrated:okay, fine. then what if, instead of Dipper, it's *throws dart* a bunch of demons from Bill's dimension, *spins wheel* playing with a dead body,and whoever the body is facing when it's done spinning *picks card out of hat* is eaten alive by the spinner
  • Disney:
  • Alex:
  • Disney:
  • Disney:...
  • Disney:okay
  • Alex:*looks at camera like he's on the office*

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