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my beautiful girl I miss you so much

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about me omg submission I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS IM NOT GONNA MAKE IT OFMG!  ! ! !  !! ! ! ! ! ! H!H!H!H!!H!H!A!H!H!A!H! kingpegg
I fall in love with details.
mine h-artzler
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The very first door Sherlock opens in his mind palace after Mycroft tells him to find something to calm himself down, the very first door has Mary behind it, in her wedding dress, shooting at him. That is absolutely 100% the entrance to the John wing of his mind palace. He tried to find John first, ...
b.a.p jongup its i forgot what my post tag was do i even have a post tag O H H H H H dumb* look at thsi loser tho wow
pokemon chandelure pokemon art transparent AGAIN ohhh h h h  h   HH HH H HH HHHH H HHH man drawin feels good ok im gonna make a comm post im thinking??? 25-30 bucks as little as 15 for simple shits like voltorb com me a fucking bi colored ball
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gif LOL * Bangtan Bulletproof Boy Scouts @btl ha h a h  a /backflips into the sun/