• remember when will graham was a dog collecting cinnamon roll too pure for this world?  hannibal the olden days we have come so far imaginehanniballecter •

remember when will graham was a dog collecting cinnamon roll too pure for this world? 

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showing up to class and seeing that you’re the best dressed
hannibal hannibal lecter will graham Hannibal TV hannibal* nbc hannibal hannigram hannibaledit jsc*
mine Graphic hannibal hannibal lecter mads mikkelsen tw:blood hannibaledit abigail hobbs kacey rohl murder family I'm sorry it's so hard to read
pokemon My art noibat this is why i havent beaten the game i rarely want shinies but when i do i don't give up this will be part of my team gdi i have come too far to give up
This one’s for my our babies, One Direction. Happy 2nd year anniversary! T...
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my gif 1k mine hannibal hannibal lecter will graham hannibaledit hannibaledits im trying to rewatch the show but i dont have a lot of time SO GIFS
doctor who matt smith Arthur Darvill Rory Williams MY EDIT Eleven dwedit eleven x rory okay so i basically made it to roll into the sun in awe HOW FAR THEY HAVE COME FROM THIS PRECIOUS RIVALRY OMG LIKE PEACOCKS and how far rory have come from his insecurity TO BEAUTIFUL DEAR STRONG AND SILENT AND UNIQUE UNDERSTANDING you can see in my last gifset regarding these two PLEASE RELATIONSHIP AND CHARACTERS' DEVELOPMENT MADE OF GLORY
* beast b2st happy anniversary my lovely boys you will always be number one in my heart i wasn't here from the start but i'll stay until the end <3
gif mygifs :C meh twd walking dead Rick Grimes Hershel Greene might as well make my own hershel was so proud of what he said no matter the out come in the end hershel message got through to rick it so sad since it was the governor who couldn't let go to want change
b.a.p zelo yongguk himchan jongup youngjae !edit daehyun my blonde asians happy 200 days sweeties