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harry potter books JK Rowling j.k. rowling Book News
Imagine J.K. Rowling pulling a Beyoncé and releasing another Harry Potter book at midnight on July 31 with no warning can you even imagine the chaos that would ensue
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Today it was revealed that J.K. Rowling will be co-producing a stage play based on Harry Potter. The play will not be written by Rowling, but she will collaborate with a playwrite ...
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Concerning J.K. Rowling's statement:
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“One of the world’s wealthiest women, J.K Rowling, has given so much money to charity she can no longer claim billionaire status. The Harry Potter author has fallen dow...
J.K. Rowling said her next book is going to be for slightly younger children than the Potter books, but if you think I’m not going to punch a 9-year-old in the face to get my copy first you’re delusional.
harry potter * ugh JK Rowling j.k. rowling sad life this is insane I like the new UK ones but I already have the new US ones somebody trade with me
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