• hermione granger the smartest witch of her age hermione granger who in book two figured out that the... harry potter Hermione Granger HERRRMIIIOOONNEEEEEEEE pulpofiction •

hermione granger the smartest witch of her age

hermione granger who in book two figured out that the thing turning kids into stone and killing other kids off was a giant fucking snake living in the secret fucking basement AND NO ONE HAD DISCOVERED IT IN A THOUSAND YEARS

hermione granger who was so smart and so studious that she traveled back and forth in time to learn everything she could about a world she’d never known about, and that itself was torn apart over whether to treat her as one of their own or as scum

hermione granger who at fourteen discovered and trapped an illegally shapeshifting adult with considerable media sway and blackmailed her remorselessly

hermione granger who at fifteen decided to forge her own brand of justice with cool-headed cunning and subtle leadership “here’s what we have to do to protect ourselves,” she murmurs, drafting plans and strategies, when the law is useless you write your own, as harry takes the lead

hermione granger who was thrown into a world where people like her were reviled and persecuted at the tender age of eleven but learned all its tricks and whims, its secrets and deepest thoughts, who cut it open with the keen knife of intelligence and discipline and learned how to pluck each nerve and make it sing for her

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hermione and harry’s friendship is seriously my favorite because they have such a deep DEEP love and appreciation for each other yet it is completely platonicyou hardly ever find that in books anymore without it eventually turning romantic and it is honestly something to treasure
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Pet fannish peeve: When people insist that a written fictional character is white even though there is no canonical proof that they are. Example: Hermione Granger.
Just imagine though all the letters that must have been sent home about the shit Hermione did at school or updates the school sends to muggle parents so they’re kept in the know. And she’s never been in trouble before so her parents think this is just regular wizarding school hijinks because it obvi...
  • hermione in first year:we might be killed! or worse, expelled.
  • hermione in second year:lets just fucking make this illegal potion in the bathroom fuck yeah
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You know why Harry Potter is amazing? 99% of fan theories, headcanons and meta could be canon because Harry is about as observant as a brick wall. Did Slytherins come back to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts? Did Draco Malfoy enjoy crossdressing? Was Hermione transgender? Who knows, certainly not Har...