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harry potter lord of the rings Alice In Wonderland wonderland hogwarts Twilight narnia panem forks Mittelerde

Hogwarts & Forks ?

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When I was 8, I didn’t find a wardrobe to Narnia. When I was 11, my Hogwarts letter didn’t come.  When I was 12, my satyr didn’t show up to take me to Camp Half-Blood. Gandalf,  I’m counting on you to take me on an adventure when I’m 50.
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Reblog if you would rather be......
At Pigfarts At Hogwarts In Narnia In the Tardis In Panem In the Shire
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  • Lord of the Rings Fans:PERFECTION!
  • Star Wars Fans:Several flaws won't stop me from forever being a Jedi!
  • Hunger Games Fans:They left out a few things, but it was worth it!
  • Narnia Fans:CGI is the best magic there is!
  • Twilight Fans:Ugh! What is Kristen Stewart doing? Is that supposed to be facial expressions? Why is that three-year-old wearing a Team Jacob Shirt?
  • Harry Potter Fans:Eight masterpieces! Though they will never replace the books!
  • Percy Jackson Fans:Let's just forget this nightmare ever happened.
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Alice In Wonderland the adventures of alice in wonderland
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