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harry potter Minerva McGonagall hp edit harry potter challenge
If you listen very closely today, you’ll be able to hear the screams of Professor McGonagall as she reads the name “James Sirius Potter” off the list of first-year Hogwarts students. 
why didn’t dumbledore just tell mcgonagall about the horcruxeslike that lady is a badass, the series would be over before it even started
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Imagine Teddy getting a howler from Tonks and he starts to freak out but when he opens it, it’s like TEDDY GUESS WHAT, THE WEIRD SISTERS ARE COMING TO TOWN. PACK YOUR THINGS, SON, I ALREADY TALKED TO MCGONAGALL AND SHE SAID IT’S COOL. MERLIN’S PANTS I’M SO EXCITED. DON’...
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McGonagall helping trans students create spells to change their body to alleviate dysphoria Flitwick showing trans students how to charm themselves to always be perceived as their gender identity and to never be misgendered Slughorn giving lessons on potions that can stop or start facial hair growin...