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AU: THG meets HP

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request myungsoo infinite l kim myungsoo g:myungsoo g:infinite before the dawn btd g:all e:infinite e:all e:myungsoo sorry this took so long anon! i hope you like it (or at least see it ;;) ;v; bamboo wife
1k harry potter The Chronicles of Narnia The Hunger Games The Lord of the Rings oh well the mortal instruments thgedit I made a thing Games of Thrones hpedit gotedit Second time around and I still hate it
The Hunger Games katniss everdeen Peeta Mellark thgedit everlark lgifs DEER LORD DO YOU KNOW THIS HAS BEEN IN WORKING PROGRESS FOR DAYS it took so long like i cant even rachel can vouch for me i was like screaming at my computer omg but im actually really happy yay
harry potter gifs queue hp remus lupin hpedit i did not have enough time to do something decent so i feel bad about it shitty gifs but at least the intention is what counts :) isn't? i love you bby!
The Hunger Games katniss everdeen jennifer lawrence hunger games 1000 my graphics thgedit idk i was bored and this happened i kind of like it
* gifs supernatural castiel 1000 Lucifer angels i hope you like it poetrytofish casifer ship: what a peculiar thing you are fancygifs au where cas and lucifer team up and cas gets heaven and lucifer gets hell au where lucifer and cas team up but luci doesnt want hell he wants heaven and is mounting armies against cas in heaven au where cas and lucifer raise their armies to bring the apocalypse au whatever the fuck you want because its your set (( im sorry im so bad at photoshop :(( )) the last gif lmfao fuck i was stuck on what to do for it for like 2 weeks so i just winged it i actually like the result except the last luci gif
mine The Hunger Games THG katniss everdeen ugh hunger games cf i tried thgedit the best i could do in an hour
my edits request Tom Hardy otp: the hardy games i hope this is what you wanted anon! also tagging it that. because reasons
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The Hunger Games THG katniss everdeen Peeta Mellark MTV Catching Fire THGedits thgedit myedits3 i wanted to make gifs but photoshop is a bitch :3 hope u will like it
* Spoiler after the storm somebody give me an mkv of this so that i can at least pretend i could do sth better with it
  • TMI:That's My Igloo! (It's kind of like MTV Cribs, except with igloos)
  • PJO:Please, Just Ovulate! (Where husbands and wives discuss having kids)
  • HP:Hot Pockets (people just REALLY love these)
  • SPN:Shakespearian Porn Novels (in which scholars find the hidden innuendo's in Wililam's classic plays)
  • THG:The Hottest Goat (it's a reality tv show that people are really into these days)
  • DW:Dinkleberg Weekly (a spinoff series in which Timmy's dad complain's about Dinkleberg's mischievous week)
  • TID:This Is Dubstep (A show that analyzes the most painful music: dubstep)
  • TFIOS:The Fry Is On Saturn (a game show where they hide a french fry somewhere in the solar system and contestants race to find it first. the winner gets to eat the fry. They use "Saturn" in the title, because that was the location of the original fry)
  • ...