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“Listen, Lily, we’re mates right? Really good mates?” James was standing by her spot on the couch when Lily looked up from the charms homework she’d barely started. 

“I suppose so.” Lily answered with suspicion.

“Good, remember that when I ask this favour.”

“Right. I should’ve guessed.”

“Listen, this is important.” His voice had gotten a panicked, metallic note to it.

“Whats wrong?”

“I.. I got asked out by Susan Prewitt.” James lowered his voice, and glanced at Susan on the other side of the room. Lily tried not to laugh at his solemn face and nervous hand gestures.

“And I told her I couldn’t, because I was seeing someone and we’re serious.”

“You’re not seeing anyone though.”

“See my problem?”

“And oh, what a problem it is.”

“Exactly, but that’s not all.”


“So, I told her no, I couldn’t  go out with her because  I was in a relationship, and she asked who, and I said-”

“No you didn’t.”

“I’m sorry.”


“Sorry” James winced before continuing,

“And I know this is all very Fourth Year of me, but I just didn’t want to hurt the poor girls feelings.”

“I think Susan can handle it.”

“Not the point, so I told her we were together, and then, she, well, she just kept asking me out anyway.”

“She WHAT?” Lily sat up in the chair and shot a glare in Susan Prewitts direction.

“She wouldn’t stop asking.”

“But WE’RE together!”

“I know!”

“The nerve of some people!" 

"Thats what I thought too, and I told her no, of course, and that I was bloody happy being in a relationship with Lily Evans-”

“Damn right!” Both Lily and James had apparently momentarily forgotten they were not, in fact, actually in a relationship.

“But she kept it up, and I was just wondering” James ran a hand through his hair, and sighed.

“If you might pretend, just for a little while-” He was cut off by a grinning Lily,



“Yeah.” Lily shrugged.

“Why not? I finished charms. It’ll be fun.”

“Grand.” James smiled at her and  Lily stood up.



“Hold my hand?” He wrapped his hand around hers and looked at his feet for a minute, grinning, before remembering to talk again.

“But of course, anything for you, my lovely faux girlfriend.”

“You know, hypothetically, if I were to be in a long term realationship, I would expect my suitor to take me on trips to the kitchens.”

“Did you just use the word suitor? How very Fifteenth Century of you. ”

“Don’t tease me, we’re in love." 

"I can still tease you if were in love.” James said, and  blushed a red that stood out against his black hair. Lily didn’t notice.

“I suppose you’re right, Alright then, your hair is dumb and-”

“Oi! Don’t tease me, we’re in love.” James tightened his grip on her hand, and tugged her gently in the direction of the portrait hole, forgetting about Susan Prewitt, and what she may or may not think about his realationship with Lily Evans.

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“Listen, Lily, we’re mates right? Really good mates?” James was standing by her spot on the couch when Lily looked up from the charms homework she’d barely started. “I suppose so.” Lily answered with suspicion.“Good, remember that when I ask this favour.&rdq...
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James Potter loved Peter Pettigrew. He sat up with him in second year when Pete had a stomach bug and told him stories about all the things they were going to do together when school got out. He hid in an upstairs cupboard with him in third year, trying to catch Sirius off guard on his way back up t...
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October is a difficult time for me because on the one hand, autumn and pumpkins and Halloween and pretty colors and cooler weather- but on the other hand, Peter betrays his friends and gets away with it and James and Lily die and baby Harry is orphaned and Sirius is blamed without a trial and Remus ...
headcanons: * sirius being oddly advanced at transfiguration, despite spending mcgonagall’s entire classes running his hands up remus’ leg * remus only being inarticulate when sirius has his shirt unbuttoned * sirius dragging james through hogsmeade to find remus a valentines and not knowing wha...
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  • First year
  • James:*stands up on the table* LILY EVENS!
  • *Everyone looks to see what he's yelling about.
  • Lily:Oh god.
  • Lily:*covering face* Stop you're embarrassing me.
  • Lily:I already did that.
  • ...