• * Harry Shum Jr magnus bane tmiedit shadowhunters shadowhuntersedit this is still honestly the best thing to have come out of this show i hope we see more of his glittery phone amorverus •

Magnus Bane + his sparkly phone 

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Niall Horan * ~ i love you the gif SUCKS tried my best though HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABYBOO QUEUE: I AM SLEEPING BUT IT'S MIDNIGHT IN THE UK THEREFORE i am a nice person
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You heard James?” said Lupin, in a strange voice. “Yeah …” Face dry, Harry looked up. “Why–you didn&rsq...
doctor who amy pond Rory Williams dr who the ponds yet i am DONE brian pond TV1 WHO1 THIS WAS SO FAR FROM OKAY GOOD AT THE SAME TIME HOW DOES THIS SHOW DO IT
gif Happy Birthday! b.a.p daehyun
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Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang Maes Hughes fmab i'm sorry for this samfmab but my hughes mustang feels are out of control I MEAN THEIR FRIENDSHIP IS ONE OF THE BEST RELATIONSHIPS ON THIS SHOW OKAY you see the eminently practical hughes harbouring a soft spot for mustang's idealism and nurturing it despite recognizing it's naivete and mustang who introduces as to hughes as ~the ridiculous pest~ unravelling after hughes death because hughes was supposed be on the fucking phone annoying him with endless stories of daughter he wasn't supposed to be the one to die like this for country and glory that was the death roy had chosen only now the tables have turned and it's hughes body lying cold and dead under the ground and it's a fucking terrible day for rain uRGH WHAT DO I DO WITH THESE FEELINGS drowning in sads until the end of time brotp 5eva
A Very StarKid Harry Potter Fandom Celebration On August 11,...
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Harry Styles enjoy harry and ok now i know he also has a tattoo on his ankle but we still haven't seen a picture of it so i'm not including this also i strongly believe the picture of him getting the half sleeve one is old because he's wearing what he was wearing when ed sheeran gave him the i can't change tattoo (or was it the locket idr) anyway until we have pictures of these ^ tattoos and a better one of the (?)17BLACK(?) one oh and many thanks to the person who suggested this i was running out of ideas feel free to request stuff because bored
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