• Harry Styles tattoo indie!harry the lyrics are so faded now or he covers them up with makeup but I'm saying faded tomorrah •
Harry Styles tattoo indie!harry the lyrics are so faded now or he covers them up with makeup but I'm saying faded

hahaha nope. 

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mygifs free! nanase haruka matsuoka rin RinHaru i didn't realize until i had them all here that this shows how much their relationship has changed like the actions are similar but the intentions and reactions are so different now rin still looks at haru with that fond look that 'i have a massive crush and i'm going to marry you haru' look but this time haru does't turn around and tell rin that 'no. i wont swim with you' instead he smiles??? this tiny sweet smile and they both look so fond of each other and everything i'm crying and rin still waits for haru before the race. he waits and he doesn't deny it bc it's obvious he's there for haru but this time rin isn't slouched in his seat he's sitting all easy going and confident 'hey haru you're finally here. yeah i've just been leaning against the lockers waiting for you no big deal' and he isn't there to tell him essentially 'i'm better and i'll prove it and then it'll be over' anymore and in the fourth rows everything is so similar?? except its like the beginning and the end rin asking haru to swim in a relay and haru saying no that he doesn't care about times that he just wants to feel the water and thats it but this time rin is all 'i knew you could get fired up' and he looks so PROUD and haru doesn't leave this time he turns his head bc he's embarrassed bc rin is right. bc rin can get him fired up and caring about more than the water he's embarrassed and he turns his head but he's not rejecting or dismissing rin and the last ones??? where he's kind of saying the same thing that theres no gaurantee that haru will make it to the final and asking if haru still thinks he's the fastest in the water but he's not antagonistic this time. he's not saying 'dont disappoint me' he's acknowledging haru and telling him he needs more that he's gonna take his cool face and make it hot that he's gonna ignite that passion in haru ok and not snuff it out like in s1 the only think that never changs is haru reflected in rin's eyes haru gazing at rin and seeing himself reflected there rin always watching and focused on haru THIS GOT SO LONG BYE this is for you losers on twit who cried with me ok
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sherlock johnlock asib don't know if it's been done before so okay just a little point here: i'm not saying that it's the same but the Irene scene made me think look at all the meals scenes we NEVER see sherlock actually eating anything and yet he's always there when John does we know he never eats while on a case but why should he stay with John while he eats? wouldn't he consider it a waste of his time? he could just leave John behind and carry on with the case but no he always stays with him even if he's not hungry whether they're on a case or not sherlock stays with John i'm just saying that it means something what you want to take from this is up to you
Teenage Dirtbag, Loved You First, Live While We're Young
One Direction 
Liam changing the lyrics of the songs to something related to Niall in Teenag...
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NOOOPE the 1975 matty healy 1975g* he looks so faded tho lol
God bye mine: gif Coach Finstock Bobby Finstock Orny Adams show: teen wolf twedit mine xoxo stilesies fun fact: coach is actually my favorite character and if he turns out to be dead i will set fire to not only the rain but everything i can find but yeah !!!!!!!!!! some coach appreciation when he was talking about isaac and stiles this episode i remembered this moment and like literally teared up because this scene made me cry when i first saw it he cares so much about these kids you know???? and he wants to see them succeed like yeah his role is mainly comic relief but god when he's allowed those moments or lines of levity it's like a kick in the teeth he's not the best teacher but he's better than harris because he actually GIVES A SHIT these kids are his life this school is his life he's invested in them and i'M INVESTED IN HIM SO HE BETTER NOT BE DEAD
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doctor who mine dw spoilers dwedit 50th no but they look like a boysband called... 'gallifreyan babes' or something like that ten would be the one everyone fancies and he would have the most groupies eleven would be the quirky one with all the ridiculous ideas for music videos and he would wear ridiculous costumes to the gigs and the war doctor would be the one that is always SO FUCKING DONE WITH EVERYTHING (he would be like chris wolstenholme basically) and they'd make this ~out of this universe~ music all symphonic rock with lyrics about governmental conspiracy and bloodshed and robots trying to kill the humanity and covers of their albums would always be in the same shade of blue and they'd have songs like 'merry genocide' and 'paradoxes all around' and 'imma gonna sonic you oh yiss' or 'to da tranzalore!' and the titles of their albums would be all cryptic like 'bad wolf' or 'the silence will fall' but they'd split up after some time and ten would go into country singing sad songs about his lost love eleven would try some ~ambient~ stuff and record underwater with whales and the war doctor would be just like 'oh fuck you' and he'd write an opera