• haunting this is so incredible the entire series of images in this art book prominent-nipple •
haunting this is so incredible the entire series of images in this art book

Nefertiti, 2000
P: Barry Lategan

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haunting this is so incredible the entire series of images in this art book
mine Merlin colin morgan this is like the 3rd time in the entire series merlin gets a happy face because of his magic this was a good ep for colin morgan's face so of course they then take it away
MY EDIT star wars Obi Wan kenobi the clone wars Anakin Skywalker swedit FYSW tcwedit okay so this is the last bit of all these scenes i collected with these ridiculous flops from early seasons so putting this out there I MEAN INCREDIBLE jesus christ and of course this happens in the middle of very important mission like here they are strutting to catch dangerous sith lord AND THIS IS THEIR ATTITUDE all the time and this applies always I CANNOT EXIST anyway this is relevant to that anon question look at obi like okay i get it it's animation and they are all a bit exaggerated they have this trait in this series that always predominates in a very cartoonish way like anakin has his cockiness and arrogance (but also being frustrated offended little brat as per usual OH MY GOD LOOK AT HIS FACE IN THE FIRST ONE THIS HOW DARE also THIS DOESN'T LOOK GOOD what a poster man) and then ther's obi with his charm and charisma THAT IN THIS ENTIRE SERIES TAKES A FORM OF ABSOLUTELY OBNOXIOUS SASS AND FLIRTINESS GET THE HELL OUT but this is all anakin's influence OBI WAN WE GOT TO KNOW IN TPM WAS OBSTINATE KNOWI-ITALL ANNOYING LITTLE STIFF and now after all those years with anakin he not only grew confident TO THE POINT OF AS ARROGANT AS ANAKIN S IS* but teasing goddamn flirt LIKE HIS ENTIRE NEGOTATION BOILS DOWN TO MAKING SEDUCTIVE FACES AND SPEAKING WITH BUNCH OF ENDEARMENTS AND MAKING PPL MELT ALL OVER HIM get out dad and no one can tell me this is not ANAKIN IN HIM THEY LITERALLY GREW UP TOGETHER (obi wan was so young when he became ani's master) SO THEY TOOK EACH OTHER'S PERSONALITIES TRAIT AND BLENDED INTO ONE PERSON BASICALLY AAAAAAAH also how the hell does this concept of not granting anakin title of the master and still allowing him to train padawan works in tcw verse? it's so implausible to me the whole rots issues with status came from being excluded and not appreciated enough and tbh in tcw he's anything but HIM NOT HAVING THE TITLE has no rots gravity because he still acts as one and is treated as one idk eugh
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mine Typography why not? it's fine the secret history a lot of feelings about this book resurfacing so i thought... instead of watching old bio lectures (which is comparatively more important) all that's at stake are my grades for the entire semester by the way everyone is always giving richard so much shit but i really connected with him quite deeply when i read this book don't get me wrong tho - he is the best character in the world to make fun of
i have downloaded a shitload of shows today and just spent the last two days marathoning bob's burgers and archer this is a preview of what my entire summer is going to look like comic: ultimate power i live a comic book appreciation life lol this art
my gifs mine queer as folk brian kinney *snorts* qaf* >:) qafedit .+*^*+.ICONIC.+*^*+. I'm just constantly providing this fandom with heartfelt inspirational works of art I honestly made this entire gifset just so I could include the bottom right this is it this is the character I have chosen
1k supernatural dean winchester sam winchester spnedit spn: S2 brotheredit ep: all hell breaks loose (1) this is the best scene in the entire series let's be fuckin' real it's also my most favorite scene in the entire series
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help looking for alaska ohmyfodoskshd ive never been so in love
I have watched 2:40 hours of pingu so far. I am creating a c...