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Hayley Williams.

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  • Hayley Williams:Turns down offers to be a solo artist as a teenager because she wants to be in a band with her friends
  • Hayley Williams:Gets so upset when their bassist leaves that the lyrics and artwork of their debut album becomes about him leaving
  • Hayley Williams:Aged 17, notices that she's getting more attention than the guys and gets upset. Makes a 'Paramore Is A Band' shirt to remind people that the guys are part of the band too and wears it for tours, then later makes another shirt with it in Spanish.
  • Hayley Williams:Makes sure that everybody onstage is appreciated and introduces them to everyone, even the touring members because she knows how hard they work.
  • Hayley Williams:Calls out interviewers/magazines/sites who don't include the things the guys say in the final videos/articles
  • Hayley Williams:Credits the guys for all their work and always talks about how much they work they put into the albums.
  • Hayley Williams:Got angry at cameramen at CCB Brazil for only putting her onscreen and told them off so they'd know they were doing wrong
  • Hayley Williams:Asks the guys before doing any projects alone with other artists out of respect for them and then makes sure she is credited as 'Hayley of Paramore' so people know she's part of a bigger band and not a solo artist.
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