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help help me
Someone help me.
My mom is kicking me out of the house because I believe in gay marriage, and I have nowhere to go. If anyone lives in the Baton Rouge (Louisiana) area, I would really appreciate a place to stay for a while. Even if you don’t, please reblog this in case one of your followers lives close to me. ...
Equius failed to protect Nepeta again. Eridan killed Feferi again. I’M JUST Someone please kiLL ME NOW IT HURTS SO FUCKING MUCH
Rachael Brown was found today at 11:30pm in Oregon City. She is home safe, and she is going to get the care she needs. Thank you so much for all of your help, and support during this stressful, and tough time.
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Reblog if you have more than one pillow on your bed. My dad thinks it’s ‘not normal’ and ‘bad’ that i have a second pillow on my bed. I just like it there, with me. It calms me down. I like to use it as my arm rest and sleep.
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Okay, so my little sister was hand selected to go to a volleyball showcase in Hawaii.Which is a really big deal, because we live on a Indian Reservation and this is the first time we had a student from our school be selected!!! Like, you guys don’t even know how proud my whole community is! But, we ...
HELP! GUYS PLEASE I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! My best friend is going to leave for Australia in 2 month...
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Proving a point to my boyfriend.
PLEASE REBLOG if you (male or female) believe it is perfectly okay and natural for a guy of any age to cry