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help me plagiarism art thief elk64

Hello, I have no choice than ask support from my watcher.

My digital painting “overlapping the twilight” got copied by a russian painter that is selling it (and print as well if I understood well) over 1000€ (~1400$). The person refuse to respond to us, and delete all the message about this illegal copy. ALSO, I’M NOT THE ONLY ARTIST BEING PLAGIARISED, there’s ton of painting, and I’m sure you’ll reconize someone else’s art too ! If you know the original artist, contact him please !


the original one : http://elk64.deviantart.com/art/Overlapping-the-twilight-368166865


This mean the website is in russian, but you can help me! You can connect to the site via fb, the log part is in top right part of the site(you can also use google translate). Then you can post a comment ("??????????????") that is next to the buy icon, you can send a mp to the art thief here : www.livemaster.ru/oikos/contact , and also REPORT TO THE ADMIN HERE : http://www.livemaster.ru/questions/theme/31 .

Don’t get it wrong, Copying paintings is a great way to practice but you DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO SELL COPIED ART! It’s ART THIEF! It’s not even inspired or a reintepretation, it’s a vulgar copy of it, and the autor is trying to get profit, and refuse to act as a responsible adult by ignoring our message. The painter only says that the painting was inspired by “oriental fantasy childbook”, my ass ! 


I’ll be editing the journal with a tumblr and a facebook link, so you can share and spread the message, the more we are, the more  luck we will have to stop this.

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help me plagiarism art thief elk64
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