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Hey Guys. So normally I wouldn’t be coming here for help. But at this point, I’m DESPERATE.

Since I was little I have been verbally abused by my mom’s husband. Back then it was enough for me to handle. But for the past month, it’s escalated in severity. I’ve been threatened to be kicked out TWICE for supposedly not doing anything. I have been yelled at for clamming up around them (It’s in my nature) and that I have no motivation, and do only the bare minimum. I ended up not going to work because I had a mental breakdown. I was told I would be sent to the psychiatric ward. And now they want to send me away to a job corps school with no way to communicate with anyone.

The point is, I can’t take the pain and suffering anymore. I need to leave, and my boyfriend is giving me the option to head down to florida and stay with him to get on my feet, and more important, to be safe.

Problem is, I live in Minnesota. More than 1000 miles away. I need to take my car so that I have my belongings without the worry and cost of bringing my personal items along with me.

We’ve estimated I’ll need about 2500 to get me down there. Costs would include GAS, HOTELS at stopping points on my trip, FOOD, STARTING COSTS for living down there, and PAYING MY MOM for towing expense from recently going in the ditch with my car, and paying my insurance and phone bill to last me the way.

"But Summer, Just get a job and pay your way down there!"  I would, if it were so easy. Jobs in Hibbing, MInnesota are hard to come-by, at least for me. I’ve applied almost everywhere and gotten only 2 interviews. Yes, I am applying again, but I’m on a time limit with the school send away, and just the hourglass of my mental stability slowly emptying.

I NEED HELP. Tumblr has gotten people’s cat’s surgery, people surgery, a fluffy chicken and so on. CAN TUMBLR HELP ME GET A BETTER LIFE AND LIVING SITUATION?

I will be taking donations by paypal (summnova174@gmail.com), even $1 dollar will be a step closer. Imagine 2000 people, each donating $1. I would have my money right there. Please, please, PLEASE Help me. I’m begging you as a last resort, Tumblrfort, and just the whole Tumblr Community…Please…

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Hey Guys. So normally I wouldn’t be coming here for help. But at this point, I’m DESPERATE. Since I was little I have been verbally abused by my mom’s husband. Back then it was enough for me to handle. But for the past month, it’s escalated in severity. I’ve been threat...
Tumblr, I need your help.
My mother is extremely unaccepting. I am a female-to-male transgender, and she blatantly refuses to allow me any room to be myself. She pushes girly things on me, tells me she’ll never let me dress the way I want, and so on, and so forth. If you think that I should be allowed to be who I am, p...
So I need help.
I just sat in my house for like 30 minutes, listening to my brother yelling and my crying. I don’t care about my brother yelling but my mom crying hurts my soul. We’re struggling alot to pay bills. Our landlord who is my step uncle is a piece of shit. He has the rent high and we have a mountain of b...
Since I last published this post, I still haven’t received enough, so doing it again.  I hate to do this, but I need financial help. Here is my situation: I live in an emotionally abusive household, I owe money to my school without which I can’t go back, and I suffer from severe OCD. I a...
My mom kicked me out.
So my mom kicked me out like two nights ago and I have absolutely no where to go. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna go return my car to the dealership. I work at Urban Outfitters in West Hollywood on Melrose. I never really post too much personal stuff on here but if anyone in the LA area can help me out ...
Everyone... please. I need help.
First off, here’s the backstory of the situation I’m in:http://cutie-potoo-ty.tumblr.com/post/24932507365/so-heres-the-tale-the-sad-story-of-woe-of-why-im  Second, here’s the missive I’m going to leave for my parents:http://cutie-potoo-ty.tumblr.com/post/25018036050/one-o...
Give Bee and Puppycat Money or I will Personally Eat Your Eyeballs
I’m in a state of panic guys- there’s only 9 days left to the Bee and Puppycat Kickstarter! This project needs to be funded consarn it! If you can’t share any money, please spread the word to people who can!
PLEASE REBLOG + SIGNAL BOOST: Issy "Baby Riss" Ruiz needs your help.
Hi, This is my friend Issy (better known as Baby Riss), she is a much beloved and absolutely incredible nineteen-year-old who has just been diagnosed with an extremely rare, life threatening disease. Her only option, besides continued hospitalisation for the foreseeable future to receive invasi...
Okay, so my little sister was hand selected to go to a volleyball showcase in Hawaii.Which is a really big deal, because we live on a Indian Reservation and this is the first time we had a student from our school be selected!!! Like, you guys don’t even know how proud my whole community is! But, we ...
hi tumblr i need your help with a thing
this is my friend Bruno:Bruno is one of the best humans I know. He’s a soft-spoken sweetie-pie, he’s hilarious, and he’s an incredible artist. He has planned an entire screenplay about a Haitian voodoo vampire. I love this dude.Like a lot of low-income people in Jacmel, Bruno lives in a plywood home...
Please help.
Okay Tumblr, here is the deal, I need your help. All of your help. My mom works for Chrysalis, a nonprofit domestic violence shelter in Phoenix, Arizona. I cannot praise Chrysalis enough, honestly. It’s the only domestic violence shelter in the valley that caters to all victims - women and men...
Rachael Brown was found today at 11:30pm in Oregon City. She is home safe, and she is going to get the care she needs. Thank you so much for all of your help, and support during this stressful, and tough time.