• Here's Where To Protest Eric Garner's Death eric garner kobenhavns •

Check this link to see if there are protests going on in your area. Don’t go quietly. Protest the hell out of this shit.

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let’s all remember that Eric Garner was being arrested on suspicion of sale of untaxed cigarettes and the person that murdered him is named Daniel Pantaleo remember that name and remember the fact that Daniel Panteleo  was the subject of two civil lawsuits last year where he was accused of fal...
gofundme for Esaw Garner and her family At least show your support by sharing it, we need her to see it in order to get the money to her
how are there no charges against an officer who used an illicit chokehold that was prohibited for its killing potential on a man in clear view, with full visual and audio evidence. how is there no indictment. not even negligent manslaughter. what is it going to take, america. what is it going to tak...
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The guy who filmed Eric Garner’s death is being indicted, but not the cop who killed him…
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Racism RIP injustice eric garner
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