• wow what a terrible design this is truly awful fe if female characters so far are really disappointi... high pitched beeping noises i am so trashy now i feel as if i've been tainted this is like one of my fav character types i can't not love her she's like evil sumia ironiclightorchestra •

wow what a terrible design this is truly awful fe if female characters so far are really disappointin–

wait a sec

hello my new wife

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wow what a terrible design this is truly awful fe if female characters so far are really disappointin–wait a sechello my new wife
gifs fifth harmony camila cabello and this is why i love her so much she literally had this one sided heart to heart conversation to over 9k people live and some people really need this and it's so important and especially the introverted part like thats really important she's always been like that and i dont think thats a trait that really goes away and its not really a bad thing either shes definetly changed so much and you can tell if you look back at xfactor camila theyre so different but its such a good different and its so amazing oh my god LIKE listen she used to not be able to speak up in a room and now shes performing in front of thousands of people this is literally character development at its finest and iTS so ncie to be able to witness it change is inevitable and i always knew she wasnt gonna stay the same im just glad she blossomE D so well its so inspiring shes honestly my favorite person on this whole planet and i think part of the reason why i love her os much and why i favor her is because i relate to her a lot aNywas my mama said i gotta come home right now immediETLLY ITS 5 am i hate ymlselfj bye
have you ever found a line in a book or song that resonates in your bones and you just want to paint it on your walls and tattoo it across every inch of your body
1k Teen Wolf TW no just no allison argent Crystal Reed gifs(3) twedit when i'm upset i gif the thing that upsets me and i've been wanting to gif her for a while now i'm just sad and i will never not be sad about it precious princess you will be missed rest in peace bby i seriously can't imagine teen wolf without her it just doesn't feel real that she is actually gone like i don't think it hit me yet that no more allison scenes no but jesus christ if they will forget about her in two episodes i will fucking punch someone i don't want them to get over her death just like they got over erica and boyd and mentioned them like one more time and that's it !!!! no!!!!! No!!!! i don't even know why i giffed this i'm super sad right now anyways as for the gifset i was trying to go for a rainbow colour but idk if it looks like a rainbow oh well
** TMP Mindy Kaling get to know me the mindy project Mindy Lahiri i've said it before and i'll say it again tmpedit 10chf mindy is pretty much my alter ego or at least the person i could be if i was as successful as her i have this little 'alter ego' journal where i write short stories of what i could be doing if i had lived my life the way i should be and basically be a semi successful single girl living in the big city having close friends that i can rely on much like how mindy can rely on her friends but also be a storm of feminism and female empowerment and in my mind i am skinny but even if i don't have that model bikini bod i know i'd still be in decent shape that i can wear a bikini and i wouldn't have the low self esteem i feel like i do now and like a lot of mindy's mannerism is pretty much me and most of her comfort around people and confidence is how i see myself being how she views her life like she views it as a rom com whereas me i view my life like a sit com having watched this i was like omg it's just like how i see my life so like literally the most accurate character for this category
high pitched beeping noises fathers maybe if the caption doesn't catch it // you may ask why i am watching a video of all smash ending cards. thats a good question
mine Nora SEND HELP no wait stray mycolor Hiiro noragami nora edit idk what else to tag her as guys i keep making things i actually like it's worrying me what's even more worrying is that i actually like nora now ever since i read the part where yato releases her i've like fallen in love with her or something i used to hate her but now she's becoming one of my faves
naruto Hinata shitty narutographic *trash i love hinata so much not as much as yessie ofc but lots bc she's so prettty and strong and she's been through so much that my heart goes out to her she's a silent sufferer idk what this edit even is its fucking shitt but i like the quote it's by napoleon courage isnt having the strength to go on; it is going on when you dont have strength IM SORRY THIS IS SO OVERDELAYED IM GOING BACK TO MY TRASHCAN NOW MAYbe i'll find kemuri there
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My art ganondorf this is about Legend of Zelda don't look the crazy part is they gave this guy protagonist features just like I was studying not a week ago large eyes - bright expression - normal-sized brainpan - bright colored clothes super fun to draw I need to simplify though I've been laughing at everybody suddenly wanting to draw him now ''he's super hard to draw isn't he?? now you know my personal drawing hell'' my fun drawing hell king of love and beauty I love that they gave him Wind Waker Ganon's collar so many fun shout out details can't shut up about this character design ;_;
Harry Styles is a pretty princess
or in other words: harry is made of sugar and pixie dust with a dash of sass and charm thrown in and i believe he knows it literally this is just a mess of pictures of harry looking pretty¬†haha this was so hard because he’s never not pretty or adorable or endearing in some way i decided to ...
1k MY EDIT ouat Emma Swan cs graphic ouatedit csedit emmaswanedit myemma self-sufficient I AM EMOTION the duckling brigade mycs yes she fell in love but she still remained independent and unafraid the only difference is now she's not alone and she has someone to encourage and support her in being all of these things so if you're about to say something like that please rethink and don't i had my itunes on shuffle and this came on and it's kinda perfect for emma? she finally let her walls down and realised that love and letting another person in isn't a bad thing it's beautiful and one of the best things you can do cs crew