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Him sleep

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Him sleep
Him sleep Cuddle
  • Half the fandom:Wow that's really low Zayn doesn't do that stop making up lies let's trend #WeLoveYouZayn !!!!
  • Other half:lol where's my DM, you slut
Wait hold up Hold the fuck up Is that Tony Dude are you just laying wide awake in America’s arms DO YOU EVEN SLEEP
love kisses boyfriend cute text phone messages guys love him Sleep Together morning texts
my gifs sam winchester Jared Padalecki sleep with one eye open don't touch me look at him standing up for his baBY LOOK u better watch urself bobby
love Him sleep boy waking up
Kyungsoo d.o Minseok xiumin i should sleep d.o gifs umin which to tag him lol i tag him as me n my nonsense translation
gif gifs mine Thor loki avengers Odin What if the movie was actually about Loki not wanting to go to bed and the supernannys called the Avengers are assembled to get him to go the fuck to sleep finally Loki's big brother Thor drags Loki back home where Loki is promptly told by Odin to go the fuck to sleep in secret the reason why he didn't want to sleep was because he kept having a dream about being adopted and actually being a frost giant oh wait this went from funny to sad oops
Kris's reply when Suho seeks advice on how to discipline the members: This is very simple, if Jongin...
cr: EXO?????
edits Seungri Gri Big Bang gd g-dragon can I cry nyongtory
couple kissing beautiful you broken i love you heartbroken dance love quotes life quotes love this love story lovers memories heartbreak Broken heart late night so beautiful I miss him our love miss him beautiful things lets dance cant sleep onelove pick up the pieces love quote life quotes cant stop thinking of you and me put it back together