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Him special her

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Him special her
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It’s hard when you miss people. But, you know, if you miss them it means you were lucky. It means you had someone special in your life...
doctor who Donna Noble journey's end tentoo breaks my heart dwedit or both and that is so sad dw series 4 rtdedit he knows it look at how he says 'no but you are' it's so obvious to him that Donna is special he takes it for granted that everyone knows of course Donna is special how can anyone think anything less? then it hits him it's as obvious to him that she's special that it is obvious to HER that she isnt and then her 'Doctor stop it' because you can see how much it hurts and because i'd probably react the same and also because it hurts to see someone that amazing and wonderful who doesnt think they're worth anything because the person that needs to see it the most is the one person who doesnt see it at all DONNA DESERVES EVERYTHING PROTECT EVERYONE WHO GREW UP WITH A SHITTY MOM OR DAD THAT MADE THEIR KID FEEL WORTHLESS
One Direction Niall Horan LOL my gifs gotta love him he is an special boy
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If you’re going to fall in love with me then please love all of me. Don’t just love the side of me that’s sweet, the side of me that’s carin...
It's our snowflake's birthday in 3 day's time, REBLOG TO SHOW HIM HOW MUCH WE LOVE HIM!
omg i have to stop…maybe a bit more…some gifs now!   <—— SNOWFLAKE ALERT  <——- love this one!  <——- can’t believe he’s turning 19 :O  <—— ajflksdjfoejsl  <—-lafjsljfsjflsj again ^^ ya kept your promise n...