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Bank robber trying to shoot out security camera, 1975.


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Why Gender History is Important (Asshole)
This weekend I was schmoozing at an event when some guy asked me what kind of history I study. I said “I’m currently researching the role of gender in Jewish emigration out of the Third Reich,” and he replied “oh you just threw gender in there for fun, huh?” and shot me what he clearly thought to be...
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25 February 1947: The State of Prussia ceases to exist. So it’s ‘Why kids only know of Prussia nowadays as “That place that almost sounds like Russia” part 2: Electric Boogaloo’. Long story short: the Allied Control Council dissolved Prussia completely and totally on th...
"what’s being a history major like?"
At the same time [as men were being imprisoned for homosexuality], women were increasingly caught up in the psychiatric system, and women wh...
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When many people think of the Black Panther Party today, the image that comes to mind is male-centered and violent: a powerful man wearing t...
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No, Because they are nobles in revolution-era France and will be guillotined. 
Canada’s slave-owning history is being ignored, says expert, as Black History Month kicks off. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ALL THIS!?!?!?!
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