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ngrimmys fuckinpayne LOVE ME IM LAUGHING

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bad one direction fan art: best of disclaimer: i cant draw for shit so i cant judge but these drawings genuinely scare me just let loose n enjoy (also read the captions it provides a better reader experience) let me show you the one that started it all for me and it all goes downhill from here ...
i saw the smurfs 2 trailer in theaters today and i couldnt stop laughing because the villainess is essentially a deviantArt OC smurf jfc
I think I used all my best shit last week
ah yes lee hobnobbing my favorite vixx member
alphabet soup more like times new ramen am i right
*snapchats doctor* does this look infected 2 u
Morrigan dragon age my screencaps im laughing really hard tho tell me im funny
justin bieber edits im laughing so hard check the last pics on the bieber-pictures album
dirkjake upd8 im laughing really hard at dirks badassery but also crying because i love this ship
love outcast please stop laughing at me jodee blanco