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Legally Blind Terezi Cosplayer

Since there is all this stuff going on and now it’s triggering people to hate on Homestuck and how now the “entire fandom” is evil and horrible and insane, I felt like posting a heartwarming thing about it.

The Terezi cosplayer in this video is in fact legally blind; she was very happy there was a character who, like her, saw only vague shapes and colors, that she could feel confident ‘being’ so to speak. My favorite parts towards the end where she says to another cosplayer “I bet you look awesome!”, and the hugs.

Because any fandom can be as loving and heartfelt as it can be insane and terrifying.

Fiction inspires people; sometimes it inspires them to do bad things, other times, it can inspire something much better. My heart goes out to the victim of the recent madness, but to all the spectators, please do not let the bad apples ruin your entire perception of something in its entirety.

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Legally Blind Terezi Cosplayer Since there is all this stuff...
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