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Genderbends: Fandom vs. Reality

I have a huge problem with most homestuck “genderbends” (they’re most often sexbends, but sure, let’s keep implying that gender and sex are the same thing, ok). Almost every “genderbend” includes making the character highly fashionable and — in the case of female “genderbends” — extremely sexual. Lowcut shirts, v-necks, tutus, miniskirts, cutesy sweaters, fishnet, stockings, heels; characters who canonically sag and wear socks with sandals are suddenly hyperdivas with huge honkers. It’s like people toss away the actual character in favor of throwing out their transexual dreamboat.

Let’s take Gamzee, for example. Gamzee is generally portrayed in raver’s wear, fishnets, low-cut shirts that hang off the shoulder, halter tops, miniskirts, lingerie, tutus, armwarmers, and long, “messy” hair (post-sex bedhead, more like).

In reality, Gamzee is a clown. He wears clownpants, a t-shirt, and either sags, or wears a waistband. His shoes of choice are purple converse-looking shoes. His hair is sloppy and unkempt, sticking out in crazy impossible ways. All of this is entirelly androgynous. The guy basically runs around in his pajamas. He cares for his friends and hit on one guy. One.

Somehow, the fandom takes that, and goes “wow, if he was a girl, I bet he’d throw his tits out at everyone in skimpy outfits and wear super bright rainbow tutus and thigh-highs”. Because one time Gamzee hit on a person who he is shown to have some kind of legitimate want for a relationship with, he is turned into a sleezy hipster girl  that throws herself at Tavros every chance she gets.

If slutting in skimpy lingerie is your thing, fantastic. That’s awesome. Hit on as many guys and gals as you like. But that is not Gamzee. In reality, he’d probably still wear saggy pajama bottoms and silly converse and a baggy t-shirt, and his hair would make sweet angry love to gravity and kick it to the curb.

Having tits does not automatically make someone wear cutesy tank tops and slut around, which is exactly the kind of vibe I get from the fandom’s idea of a female Gamzee, or female Tavros, or female anyone. The males are oftentimes sexualized just as much, but at least they aren’t popping their dicks out in everyone’s faces.


Stop guys.


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