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Homestuck Kickstarter Rewards Giveaway
  I got all the paks. Aaaaaaaall of them. And, to be honest, I don’t need all of this stuff, so I figured I might as well give it away. I’ve divided the giveaway loot into 12 minipaks; you can see them and their contents in more detail here. Eligibility requirements: You must be willing ...
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hey guys remember how the world is supposed to end at the end of this year
i just realized about the homestuck game: to get it we climbed the rungs of the stretcheladder it will be produced after homestuck has ended (died) the game is homestuck’s godtier
what if when Homestuck: The Game is developed and everyone who donated gets their copy, when they open it up it’s just this
homestuck kickstarter homestuck kickstarter
2014: Homestuck: The Game2015: Homestuck: The Motion Picture2016: Homestuck: The Animated Series2017: Homestuck 2: Return of Jafar2018: Homestuck 1 1/2
Homestuck Kickstarter
Hey, let’s spread this around!!! I am very pleased and proud to annou… waitwhat…what is thisomg Train of thought destroyed.
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“UPS has to rent extra trucks just to take our Kickstarter shipments.” this is in the kickstarter email Homestuck forces UPS to rent extra trucks for shipping Homestuck: Way Too Fucking Much Shipping 
My sister and I came to the realization that when the Homestuck game is released the fandom will grow rapidly. By then, the fandom will most likely be divided between the “new” and the “old”. But since this is the Homestuck fandom, we will refer to the newbies as the “T...
So I was looking through Hussies “Tell me about Homestuck” page on the kickstarter When I noticed this one guy at the front Who just wants to get up the stairs, but is blocked by about 600 people.